Defense Forces of Sandefreistikhan

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Flag of the Defense Forces of the Grand Lamate of Sandefreistikhan

«Les forces défenses du Sandefreistikhan» consists of the Air defense force (Fr.: Force défense aérienne), Naval defense force (Fr.: Force défense marine), and the Land defense force (Fr.: Force défense de terre).

La Force Défense de Terre

La Force Défense de Terre is the army of Sandefreistikhan. It is a defense force which uses the Kentucky Rifle. They have no tanks or armoured vehicles (such vehicles are prohibited within Sandefreistikhan).

Flag of the Land Defense Force


La Force Défense Aérienne

La Force Défense Aérienne is the air force of Sandefreistikhan. They use the Dassault-Falcon 7X as a transport, Sukhoi Su-27 "Flanker" as an interceptor, and Tupolev Tu-95 "Bear" as a bomber. The Air Defense Force, as the money, space, and time for the Air Defense Force is limited in Sandefreistikhan, uses the instillation «X».

Tu-95 crash in Svalbard

The Tu-95 was conducting an emergency landing in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, after 3 engines stopped working. Engines One, Three, and Four stopped working over the Island of Svalbard called Nordstlandet. The aircraft was en route from Aimer AFB to Moscow, Russia, for training excersizes over the Ural mountains. The aircraft was preparing to land at Longyearbyen for refuelling, before it experienced the malfunction of the engines. I was to low, and the aircraft landed too short of the runway, about .2 km from the threshold of the airport's runway.

Roundel of the Air Defense Force
Flag of the Air Defense Force

La Force Défense Marine

La Force Défense Marine is the navy of Sandefreistikhan, even though Sandefreistikhan is landlocked. They control all water and liquid within Sandefreistikhan. So far, they only have a Nimitz class aircraft carrier, produced by Redbox, and is docked (until further notice) at Le Palais du Penser.

Flag of the Naval Defense Force

Marches of the Defense Forces

The Defense Forces, as a whole, use Le Chant du Départ, but they also use the Poème du Pays. There are 2 others, Le Chant des Partisans and Den Pobediy (Rus.: Victory Day), which are currently not defined into other Defense Forces. Those two will be decided later, with the addition of a third.

Den Pobediy can be found here on YouTube:; and Le Chant des Partisans can be found here on YouTube: