Monarchy of Narsiryn

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King of Kingdom of Narsiryn
Coat of Arms of Narsiryn
Wald I

Style His Majesty
Heir apparent None
First monarch Wald I
Formation October 12th 2021
Appointer Hereditary
Residence Narsiryn

The Monarch of Narsiryn is whoever holds the title of ruler of the Kingdom of Narsiryn. While being the head of state the Monarch is the figurehead of the Narsiryn government. The current ruling house is the Royal House of Narsiryn.


King Wald I

King Wald I, is the first and current Monarch of Narsiryn. Wald became the ruler of Narsiryn on October 12th 2021, where he created the Narsiryn government and drafted multiple decrees. Wald was responsible for setting up the the basis for the duties of the Monarch.


The Monarch of Narsiryn is essential for the workings of the Narsiryn government. The Monarch makes, Approves and acts to enforce the laws of Narsiryn. The monarch may also appoint the Prime Minister of Narsiryn and remove them from power at any point.

Monarchs of Narsiryn

Portrait Name Term of Rulership Notes Government Senate Prime Minister
1 - Wald I Oct 12th 2021 Present  • Founder of Narsiryn - I Earwig