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Prime Minister of Narsiryn
Assumed office
17 April 2022
Preceded byOffice created
Duchess of Narsiryn
Assumed office
November 2022
Chairman of the Workers' Party
Assumed office
16 April 2022
Personal details
Born2 September 2006 (2006-09-02) (age 17)

Right Honorable Earwig is the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Narsiryn, who has been in office since April 27, 2022. She is also a member of Narsiryn Nobility.


Early Life

Earwig was born in 2006.


Earwig is a Narsiryn Duchess which was granted by King Wald I in late 2021, she became the first member of Narsiryn High Nobility. Earwig has a land claim which helps to boost legitimacy.

Prime Minister

Earwig was appointed to be Prime Minister by Wald I in April due to her political knowledge, and to be be a good starting Prime Minister. Wald immediately put her in charge of management of the Ministries.

Earwig offered Mental Health support to Narsiryn Citizens as an act to support the populace early on.

Political Beliefs

Earwig is the founder of the Narsiryn Workers Party which was closely aligned with her beliefs. She hoped the party would bring greater socialist and anarchist representation to Narsiryn.

Earwig is a avid supporter of anarcho-socialism and personal freedom for the people.

Personal Life

Earwig attends high school. She also occasionally enjoys eating food.