State Security Reconnaissance and Intelligence of Paloma

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State Security Reconnaissance and Intelligence
Reconocimiento e Inteligencia de Seguridad del Estado
State Security and Intelligence logo (Mi4)svg.svg
Agency overview
Formed23 August 2019
TypeMilitary governed
JurisdictionFlag of the Socialist State of Paloma (fixed).svg Paloman Federal Government
HeadquartersPaloma City, Socialist State of Paloma
MottoIntelligence sees all.
La inteligencia lo ve todo.
Agency executives

The State Security Reconnaissance and Intelligence (SSRI), commonly known as MI4, is the main security and intelligence ministry for the Socialist State of Paloma, tasked mainly with the covert overseas collection and analysis of human intelligence (HUMINT) in support of the Paloman national security.

The ministry is a military service governed by the Communist Party of Paloma. Its main functions were foreign intelligence, counter-intelligence, operative-investigatory activities, guarding the State Border of the SSP, guarding the leadership of the Supreme Council, Central Committee of the Communist Party and the Paloman Federal Government. The organization is primarily used for ensuring all government communications as well as combating nationalism, dissent, and anti-Quebecois activities, It also has the largest online public micronational intelligence archive. The agency also interacts with other inteligence agencies and ministries like the Baustralian KISS.


When the SSRI was created, the original purpose was to create a clearing house for foreign policy intelligence and analysis. Today its primary purpose is to collect, analyze, evaluate, and disseminate foreign intelligence, and to perform covert actions.

According to its founding, the SSRI has five priorities:

Organizational structure

The State Security Reconnaissance and Intelligence is broken into units and offices in how it operates. It has one foreign office and 5 mainland offices.


The SSRI is broken into 3 units or divisions. These units are either Special ops, or a mix of Agents, Police and regular workers. The units are:

Notable operations and investigations

Since its creation, the SSRI have been in the center for many operations and government investigations. Most notable are:


Some groups in Paloma believe the ministry is very shady. It is believed that the ministry holds private information on citizens, however, this has not been proven or acknowledged by the ministry itself.