Minister-President of Barnland

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Minister-President of the Empire of Barnland
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If dying for one’s country is wrong, then I don’t wish to be right.
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The Count of Nay-jerm-vea

since 17 February 2022
Office of the Minister-President of Barnland
StyleThe Most Excellent (formal)
His Excellency (diplomatic)
ResidenceNay-jerm-vea House
AppointerEmperor of Barnland
Term lengthAs long as the Emperor desires
Inaugural holderJan da Remington
Unofficial namesPrime Minister of Barnland (diplomatic)
DeputyDeputy Minister-President of Barnland

The Minister-President, officially the Minister-President of the Empire of Barnland (also unofficially known as the Prime Minister), is the head of government of the Empire of Barnland, and is normally the person who is most likely to have the confidence of either the People’s Chamber or the House of Lords. The Minister-President is appointed by the Emperor to serve at his pleasure.


The position of head of government was originally invested in the Monarchy, with the Emperor as the absolute authority in the state. However over time, it became apparent that change was coming, and Emperor Andrew created the position of Minister-President, with Xen as acting Minister-President. She was sacked on 17 February 2022, and replaced by Jan da Remington, who became the 2nd and non-acting Minister-President.

Powers and Responsibilities

The Minister-President is normally a member of the People’s Chamber, or the House of Lords. The current Minister-President, Jan da Remington is a member of the House of Lords due to him being the Count of Nay-jerm-vea. The Minister-President exercises some executive power in the state, along with the Monarch. The Minister-President however is responsible only to the Monarch and cannot be removed by a vote of no confidence.