Militia of Averna

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Militia of Averna
Milkina ok Averka (Casveran)
Flag of the MOA
Motto"For Averna's freedom, We stand tall!"
FoundedMarch 29th 2022
Current formJune 13th 2022
Service branchesAveran Ground Defense Forces
HeadquartersAveran Twilight
Commander-in-chiefElizabeth Snowie Langley
CommanderGrant Taylor
Military age1 year
Conscriptionconscription is banned in Averna, people of Averna can join by choice.
Reaching military
age annually
Active personnel2
Reserve personnel1
Deployed personnelDilu War
Averan Civil War
Foreign suppliers Kingdom of Bavaria

The Militia of Averna is the offical military of the Republic of Averna, the militia is the first army of Averna being the only Averan Army that has ever been in a war. The militia has a alligance with the United New England Micronations Peacekeepers because of Averna being the founding nation of the UNEM, dispite that alligance the militia stays only within Averna.

Brief War History

Dilu War (Dik Waren)

As this interchange was occurring, the Republic of Averna declared war on Zeprana, widening the conflict from just Dilu Island, causing the creation of a new front in Rhode Island as a distraction to draw Zepranas attention away from Dilu Island. Minutes later, McKeen said that negotiations will only start if all claims on Dilu from other nations are dropped. At 12:44 PM EST, the Senate of Zeprana voted to send lethal military aid such as AR-15's and M16's as well as ammunition to the Pearlochan Coalition, which consists of Sharlino and Yaspaistein also. This vote was done with a 277/300 Majority Vote. In response to this, the King of Fontasia declared that the Zepranan allies were completely "fake".

Averan Civil War (Averkajs Cibik Waren)

The Averan Civil war was a Civil War between the Republic of Averna and Averan Confederation, after the Averan Vice President Elizabeth Snowie Langley decided to secede to make Averna a Confederation. Terry McKeen had tryed to join the Confederation side but the Confederation told him to "Fuck off", and after that the Civil war had ended due to the President and Confederation President (also averan Vice President) changing up the government up a bit to make government good for both of them. The civil war only lasted 3-5 Hours on April 13, 2022. this event is what made secession very illegal in the Republic of Averna.

Conscription Policies

Conscription in Averna is illegal because the Averan government belives that forcing people to join the miltary isn't True Democracy, that people can join of free choice or their parents assign them at birth to join the Military.


The MOA's weapons range differntly for different types of missions. Weapons in the MOA range from, pellet guns, hunting rifles, and pistols. Vehicles in the MOA are ATV's and a Tractor.

Command Structure

The Averan Forces is divided into three principal units, the Capital Regiment, which is the militia for the capital of Averna, the Outer Regiment, which is the militia for the outer borders of Averna and the External Regiment, the militia for external missions. There are two commanders in the militia the highest being the President of Averna, which is the President Elizabeth Snowie Langley, The second highest is the commander, which has the rank of third highest rank of the MOA.

Military Awards and Honors

  • Averan War Hero

Former Averan Honors

  • Civil war leader
  • Dilu Island Allied Victory