Military of Valnor

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Military of Valnor
Military Symbol of Valnor
Active 2006–present
Country Valnor
Role Armed Forces
Size classified
Part of Department of Military
Motto Victory or Valhalla!
Anniversaries July 4, 2006
Engagements Classified
SkyMarshal J. Hargis
Bob Hospice,Jared Klingler,John Romono,David Muinez, Sara Hargis

The military of Valnor is the most organized and well funded organization within the entire nation, along with encompassing every citizen in one way or another. With the new government the military serves "hand in fist" as the government.


The Military of Valnor can be traced back to the foundation of the nation. When the Confederacy was established it was deemed necessary to have a military presence to guard and maintain the border. Within a very short time it was decided the state would be ran from a militarist council, and with that the first military organization was born the Confederate Militia. The Militia was formed at the time because a full time force could not be funded along with the problems of equipping such a force. As time passed the nation began to grow and before long the nation could afford to equip and field a full time army, thus the Militias was disbanded and the Confederate Legions was born. The Legions served as the only military force until the Republic was overthrown on accusations of corruption by the military. The new government formed with Stratocratic policies witch slated the nation to boost its military capabilities. With the government priorities military based, the SkyMarshal created the Imperial Guard as an elite division designated with the protection of himself and other top leaders, later given the responsibilities of all special forces operations. Along with the new division the SkyMarshal reestablished the Militia, and instituting a mandatory regulation that all citizens must be registered with the Militia if not currently in active service.


In the Valnor military there is 5 separate divisions within the military; Infantry, Mechanized units, Navy, Artillery, Calvary. Each division and its abilities are for the majority broke down into the 3 Legions with a minority of the forces placed into the Imperial Guard.


Equipped for battle

The armed forces of Valnor are the premier force in the micro national sphere. The government put alot of time, effort, and money into equipping the armed forces. Since the modernization the military has all the modern necessities that the nations needs. This includes: firearms,uniforms,gps,communication and support.