Confederate Legions

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Confederate Legions
Army banner
Active 2006–present
Country Valnor
Role All purpose force
Size classified
Part of Military of Valnor
Motto Valnor Marches On!
Anniversaries July 4, 2006
Engagements Classified
SkyMarshal J. Hargis
Bob Hospice,Jared Klingler,John Romono,David Muinez

Confederate Legions refers to the 3 main bodies of the nation of Military of Valnor that are put in the field.

  • 1st Legion
  • 2nd Legion
  • 3rd Legion

Unlike the large nations like the United States having hundreds of different units and having units for special purposes, Valnor groups its military into 3 general units. Each Legion can have all elements of military i.e (Infantry, Mechanized units, Navy, Artillery, Calvary). These large bodies of the service are placed to enact greater harmony in combat situations, i.e. Instead of the Infantry calling in support from the Navy, (and the Navy wait for orders to be confirmed from their superiors), an Infantryman can call in support from any force within the Legion without question or hesitation.

Valnor is a nation that is strongly embedded in its traditions, for this reason, is why the Legions are still called "Confederate", and the Confederacy's flag still serves as the Legion's official symbol, even though the nation has not been a confederacy since 2008. Along with the flag, the SkyMarshal, Commanders, Sub-Commanders' dress uniforms still reflect the old confederate era. The SkyMarshal has decreed that traditional uniform dress will continue, to reflect and remember the traditions and sacrifice of our forefathers. The SkyMarshal has quoted "We will never forget where we have come from".

Legion Commanders

This term refers to the 3 men,(under the new SkyMarshal women are now able to serve as commanders), who each command a Confederate Legion. Unlike most nations, a General is a top-ranking official in charge of a specific type of troop. In Valnor a person in charge is expected to be apt enough to be in charge of all types of men and equipment, so the title of Commander is given as top leader. Each Commander may appoint a sub-commander beneath him to lead from the field with the choice being approved by the SkyMarshal. As you can imagine there are only 3 spots to fill so this title is not given away lightly. These are perhaps the 3 people most "powerful" in Valnor next to the SkyMarshal.

The Commanders act as governors carrying out the SkyMarshals civilian commands, as well as doubling as reps. for the peoples needs to the SkyMarshal, and in wartime, they are still expected to keep up with their civilian commitments.

What it takes to be a Legion Commander
  • Be a citizen of Valnor
  • Be currently enlisted in the military
  • Having served with distinction in the military
  • Having received honors for excellence
  • Having received acceptance of other Legion Commanders
  • Having received acceptance of the SkyMarshal

Arming the Legion

Unlike many micro-nations of the world, our nation has actual weaponry. If you want to be taken seriously as a nation, you need serious weapons, even if you don't use them. Under the Confederacy the main task was to arm and equip a military force. They completed this by creating the first standing army under the centralist government and deeming it the Confederate Legion. Our Policy has always been one of an unbiased opinion. Our goal is to arm our forces with what works best, we do not care what country the weapons come from, we pride ourselves on providing the best equipment for our men and worrying about cost second. (i.e the U.S. going from the better harder-hitting colt 45. to the Beretta 9mm to save on cost).

The Confederacy began by arming the new Legion with ww2 imports from Russia and Germany (weapons from both sides that were at war).

Weapons of the Confederacy
  • The first rifles employed in the Confederacy was black powder muskets, equal to that of Molossia's Naval Infantry. These rifles were slow firing and the complicated firing process did not fare well with troops. It was clear more modern weapons were needed
  • From the U.S were several "cowboy" guns including level action Winchester and shotguns.
  • From Russia came the 7.62x54r Nagant (Russia's standard rifle in ww2) this rifle has a large cartridge and is excellent at long range fire and a fair rate of fire from the bolt action. Another plus is the quantity this weapon was made makes it a very cheap weapon to employ
  • From Germany came the Mauser. (also a ww2 era rifle) this rile is an excellent line infantry weapon with bolt action the rate of fire was well above earlier models.
  • From the United States was Colt revolvers that ranged in size and calibre. These pistols brought a new element to our troops.
  • From United States various calibres of "Rifle" types
  • Along with firearms,weapons such as swords are implemented to officers in a ceremonious capacity, but Legion members are equipped with machetes for practical use in combat and occupational service

(note: all weapons are legally owned)

Weapons of the Peoples Republic of Valnorgrad

Unlike the Confederacy, politicians of the Republic decided to cut the military budget. Top officers believed it would be more cost-effective if they concentrated on obtaining more of the same rifles and ammunition than spending money on the development of new weapons.

  • 7.62x54r Mosin Nagant
  • Mauser
  • Colt revolvers
  • Various "sniper rifle" types
  • swords, machete

(note: all weapons are legally owned)

Weapons of Valnor under RedFlight Scotsman

After new military budget increase and new orders, the military began to modernize

  • Import from Romania(Russian Design) the 7.62x39 semi-automatic AK-47.This rifle is world-renowned for its durability and dependability. This rifle that shoots an intermediate round is perfect for a new battle rifle to replace the standard ww2 era bolt actions. This assault rifle marks the first step for Valnorgrad to update its military.
  • From the United States the semi-auto AR-15. This highly popular rifle shoots the highly ballistic .223 round. This weapon is used throughout America by law enforcement and special tatical groups.
  • From the United States was imported various types of pistols, including the colt [[w:.45_ACP .45] commander edition(witch was a military issue for the U.S.) and colt .357|Mag], also various calibres of semi-auto pistols replacing the old revolvers
  • From Italy comes the Beretta Storm. This 9mm is a short lightweight rifle that is perfect for urban combat. This weapon is issued for our special forces
  • shotguns. These weapons are also perfect for close-quarters combat and issued to our special divisions
  • Propane Flamethrower
  • Bug bomb gas grenades
  • Anti-personnel mines (animal traps, the kind that snaps on your leg when you step on them)
  • Valnor now possesses vision. This allows an entirely new element of combat for our troops.

Under SkyMarshal Hargis' takeover of the treasury council, he announced a new military budget that would allow massive amounts of money to import needed new weaponry and equipment to modernize the Valnor Legions

(note: all weapons are legally owned)

Goals of modernization

  • Procure new rifles to replace outdated bolt action ones
  • Procure new semi-auto pistols to replace revolvers
  • Procure new communications equipment
  • Procure new gps devices
  • Procure new "special weapons"
  • Procure new cammo uniforms
  • Procure new mechanized units
  • Procure new tatics
  • Night vision

BREAKING: Modernization of the military has been completed as of 3/12/2011

Prelude to the Legions

Before the establishment of a centralist military, all territories had their own "militia". After the Confederacy was established it was clear some kind of force was needed to patrol borders and be controlled by the central government. Thus the first Confederate Militia was established. It was the first step at bringing a rag-tag bunch of colonies under one flag, one people, one nation for a unified purpose.