Military Party (Pinang)

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Military Party
Partito Militare (IT)
PresidentMayor of Bazhong
Vice-presidentCurrent Mayor of Bombardi
Founded18 April 2018
Dissolved11 June 2018
IdeologyCentrism, Liberalism and Militarism
Political positionCentre
Official colors     Black
Parliament of Pinang
2 / 5
3 / 6

The Military Party (Italian: Partito Militare) was a party of the First Republic of Pinang. It was dissolved on June 11, 2018 with the annexation of Pinang to the Italian Republic. The Military Party ruled politics in the First Republic together with the Golden Party. After the formation of the People's Anarchic Party and the split of the Minister of Foreign Affairs from the PDP, the Military Party becames the party with the most members of the First Republic of Pinang.