Microworld War

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A Microworld War denotes a hypothetical massive singular conflict in the MicroWiki Community, that would likely be devastating in nature to the community and the idea of micronationalism to those involved. Some consider times of heavy war such as Black March similar in consequence to a single world war.

Types of MicroWiki wars

Important conflicts

Though MicroWiki has seen many large, or important conflicts in its time, there has yet to be one single massive conflict that has all major wiki powers involved at a single time. An example of an important conflict would be the New Euro-Erusian War, in which one major power of the time was fighting another. Though no physical war ever took place (like most MicroWiki wars), cyber warfare was used to damage the other sides' ability to communicate with other community members. In this type of war, tactics that result in either the weakening or destruction of a power is common.

Large scale wars

In comparison, large scale wars are much more dangerous and brutal when compared to past conflicts. Though these types of wars have not been fought between other micronations in the past, smaller scale conflicts similar to these have occurred as internal civil wars. A prominent example of this was the New European Civil War in late 2009. New Europe was classified as a military superpower by some at the time and had a relatively large military force. Though most micronations arm their soldiers with Nerf weapons, some such as New Europe use Airsoft weapons which are much more powerful and will injure people if they are hit. When the civil war broke out, claims by New Europe were made that many were physically hurt and some were allegedly hospitalised for their injuries.

World War structure

There is no real telling of who will be against who, but the MicroWiki has a large number of alliances, which, if, somehow, multiple wars would break out at the same time, the number of alliances would make it impossible for someone not to be in one. When they come full circle, two sides end up in one large Microworld War.

Of course, this is just one hypothetical set-up. Any large war could be triggered by religion, beliefs, government types, or anything of the sort.

Also, a war like this would have two or three theaters - a North American, a European, and a British theater. Due to the masses of micronations populating these areas, a microworld war would most likely be most active in these three areas.


The diversity of the MicroWiki community means that, by definition, a Microworld war would take place across the globe. The majority of micronations are located in Europe while others are based in North America and Oceania.