Micro Improvement

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Micro Improvement
Genre Education, How To
Type Podcast
Proposed by Connor Modena
Hosted by Stephen Luke
Connor Modena
First episode 10 March 2022
Final episode 21 July 2023
Language English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 21
Bruce Cooper
Jordan Farmer
Running time 45 minutes (Average)
Location Anchor.FM

Micro Improvement was a podcast hosted by Stephen Luke and Connor Modena. Described as "providing feedback on developing and struggling micronations. Tips and tricks to getting your nation successful." It was updated biweekly and published on Anchor.fm, and distributed to Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Modena introduced the idea in March of 2022, citing an educational podcast for struggling micronationalists was necessary more than ever.


"MicroImprovement" Podcast Episodes
Season Episode Release Date Hosts Guests Summary
S1 E1: Building Micronations 10 March 2022 Stephen Luke How to get started, things to avoid, how to be unique.
S1 E2: Getting Started 18 March 2022 Connor Modena
Stephen Luke
Creating vs joining micros, title collecting, dedication.
S1 E3: Recruiting/Advertising Nations 27 March 2022 Connor Modena
Stephen Luke
How to advertise and recruit for micronations
S1 E4: Diplomacy and Relations 8 April 2022 Connor Modena
Stephen Luke
Jordan Farmer Defining an 'ally', recognition, professionalism
S1 E5: Land Claims 15 April 2022 Connor Modena
Stephen Luke
Land claim types, how to claim, what to avoid
S1 E6: Micronational Privacy 29 April 2022 Stephen Luke Charles von Graustark Privacy, security, aliases, and doxing
S1 E7: Currency & Crypto 13 May 2022 Stephen Luke Travis McHenry Currency creation, design, and crypto for micronations
S1 E8: Controversial Topics 27 May 2022 Stephen Luke Controversial government/economic styles, hate groups, macro politics
S1 E9: Minding Your Business 17 June 2022 Stephen Luke
Bruce Cooper
When to involve yourself in other micronational matters
S1 E10: Controversial Topics 22 July 2022 Stephen Luke John Farr Government departments, when to make them, how to fix them
S2 E1: Medals and Awards 5 August 2022 Stephen Luke Nicholas Flandrensis How to create awards, avoid frequent issuance
S2 E2: Proper Planning 9 September 2022 Stephen Luke Jordan Farmer How to plan out your nation, acting deliberately, seeking input
S2 E3: Micronational Drama 18 November 2022 Stephen Luke Types of drama, how to avoid, and examples
S2 E4: Having Fun, Not So Serious 13 January 2023 Stephen Luke Kevin Baugh Not taking yourself so seriously, fun examples
S2 E5: Micronational Burnout 27 January 2023 Stephen Luke
Connor Modena
How to avoid burnout in micronationalism and cope with it
S2 E6: How To MicroWiki 17 February 2023 Stephen Luke Charles Ross What is MicroWiki, how to use it, when to avoid making new articles
S2 Bonus: 1-Year Anniversary: Thank you! 15 March 2023 Stephen Luke Thanking supporters for their viewership and what to expect this year
S2 E7: Documents & Design 31 March 2023 Stephen Luke Jordan Farmer How to design documents, how to properly file, and remain professional
S2 E8: Flag Design 21 April 2023 Stephen Luke Albie Mayo The study of flags, how to design, what to avoid, with recommendations
S2 E9: Convention Preparation 5 May 2023 Stephen Luke Jordan Farmer How to dress, act, what to bring, and how conventions improve nations
S2 E10: MicroCon ‘23 Results & Event Planning 21 July 2023 Stephen Luke Jordan Farmer The results of MicroCon 2023, as well as tips for planning your own convention