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"The sly MicroTroll prepares to gobble up an unsuspecting editor".
Conservation Status
Least Concern
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Order: Long-Facious
Family: Hominidae
Genus: Abnoxious
Species: A. Trollious

A MicroWikiTroll (also known as a MicroTroll, WikiTroll or simply just Troll) is a MicroWiki Editor who maliciously and intentionally disrupts the carefully balanced ecosystem of the MicroWiki community either through vandalism, instigation of arguments or sparking/flaming general unrest. WikiTrolls are one of the most pronounced and common predators within the WikiFauna ecosystem. Distant (less funny) cousins to the common Internet Troll, MicroWikiTrolls often flock together for maximum annoyance and effect. MicroTrolls pose the greatest threat when they encounter new editors (especially young ones) who may not know how to properly respond to an attack. Trolls have an uncanny ability to sense hesitation and fear in their foes and will exploit these weaknesses to upset the victim, sometimes resulting in the offended editor leaving the site for good.

Due to this behavior, interactions should be kept to a minimum and any encounters in the wild should be immediately reported to a WikiGod or Troll Hunter. If interaction is necessary, remember the golden rule "Don't feed the Trolls"! In these types of situations, ignorance is bliss and so long as no damage is being done to the wiki itself, ignoring a WikiTroll is the best way to make them leave you alone in favor of easier prey or (if your lucky) leave MicroWiki entirely. Due to the MicroTroll's tendency to vandalize pages, they are the natural nemesis of the WikiGnome and as such in the aftermath of a Troll's path of destruction, many gnomes can often be found repairing the damage.

Troll life-cycle

The life cycle of a WikiTroll is often a short one as from birth to death often occurs in relative quick succession. Regardless, the WikiTroll undergoes a rather fascinating life-cycle.

1. Birth: The WikiTroll enters this world, often from the creature's native spawning pool in the dark regions.
2. Youth: Early in life, the small thing poses little threat and can mostly be ignored.
3. Adolescence: Beginnings of Troll-like behavior begin to manifest, it is at this point that the Troll may latch onto a page or topic and begin to demonstrate it's true nefarious nature.
4. Adulthood: Full maturity has been reached, the Troll has become comfortable in it's practice and may become outwardly hostile to other WikiFauna.
5. Reproduction: The WikiTroll reaches the height of it's power and may begin to inspire duplicates, thus beginning the life-cycle anew.
6. Death: SHAZAP! The almighty WikiGods have either smited the Troll from this plain of existence, or (less often) the Troll Hunters have successfully contained the beast and it is forced to self destruct out of desperation; taking as much with it as possible when it goes.

Troll behavior

Standard behavior which might qualify a user as a member of the Abnoxious Trollious family may include the following...

  • Disrupting Wiki activities.
  • Leaving frequent insulting and/or derogative messages in discussion threads or user talk pages.
  • Constantly arguing with staff.
  • Repeatedly creating offensive, bad or off topic pages.
  • Vandalizing pre-existing pages repeatedly.
  • Posting random or inappropriate files.
  • Repeatedly creating false or intentionally slanderous pages.

NOTE: It should be noted that demonstrating one or two of these traits does not automatically mean that an editor is indeed a Troll (though it never hurts to play it safe when interacting).

Identifying MicroTrolls

Users who either wish to advertise their status as a WikiTroll (for some reason) or who have been identified as such may have the following userbox added to their page, both as a showing of their misdeeds and to warn other editors of their nature.

Trolluser.jpgThis editor is believed to be a Troll, remain wary.

Care and feeding of MicroTrolls

Due to the chaos caused in the wake of a MicroWikiTroll's rampage, no care is to be given and as mentioned above, they are NEVER to be fed as doing so only attracts more. However, given the reasons disclosed WikiTrolls are considered "fair game" and may be neutralized by whatever means necessary.

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