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"The wise MicroWikiGnome chooses to work here instead of elsewhere... Good choice MicroWikiGnome"!
Conservation Status
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Order: Primates
Family: Hominidae
Genus: Smallus
Species: S. Microvious

A MicroWikiGnome (also known as a MicroGnome or more commonly mistaken as a WikiGnome) is a MicroWiki Editor who makes large amounts of (often) small but nevertheless useful edits without searching for attention or notice. On the contrary, many MicroGnomes tend to deliberately mask their activities both as a sign of humility and to avoid predators (such as MicroTrolls) by clicking the "This is a minor edit" box on their edits. A close evolutionary cousin to the more common WikiGnome, they share many overlapping characteristics with them; such as a small stature, pointy hat, unquenchable need for dairy and a biological urge to work helpfully behind the scenes of a wiki, cleaning up articles and overall making things run more smoothly. Examples of MicroWikiGnome-like behavior include improving punctuation, fixing typos, correcting poor grammar, creating redirects, adding categories, and fixing red-links. MicroGnomes have origins stretching back to the earliest days of the first wiki, WikiWikiWeb and on the MicroWiki, are a prominent and early example of MicroFauna.

In the wild, MicroWikiGnomes are typically peaceful and docile creatures, only showing hostility when provoked or threatened by predators; at which point they will either attempt to group up and use numerical size to ward off danger or summon a WikiGod to hide behind. As such, readers and other users are welcome to approach them and engage in casual chat. Despite their shy nature they are quite eager to converse and will usually respond quickly to comments left on their talk pages. If users wish to observe the Gnomes in the wild, they can often be seen hard at work in the Recent changes.

Gnome-ish behavior

Standard behavior which might qualify a user as a member of the Smallus Microvious family include...

  • Adding sources to places that need them.
  • Frequently and consistently making incremental edits to the wiki.
  • Cleaning up and organizing pages for ease of read.
  • Fixing double redirects.
  • Generally not leaving edit summaries and/or frequently selecting "This is a minor edit".
The elusive MicroGnome hard at work.

Identifying MicroGnomes

Individuals who wish to advertise their status as a MicroWikiGnome may do so by adding the following userbox to their user page.

Gnomeit.jpgThis user is gnot a gnelf but is in fact a WikiGnome.

However, should a person not wish to use userboxes they may still identify themselves by adding


to their page. Doing so will add them to the list of MicroWiki MicroGnomes.

Care and feeding of MicroGnomes

Due to the un-assuming nature of the MicroGnome, little work is required to maintain them. However, a healthy dose of praise every now and again is beneficial as a gnome who feels as though their hard work is being ignored may become discouraged and leave or be tempted to go elsewhere; and nobody wants to see that! Therefore, giving your local MicroGnome a visit once in a while encourages them too keep up the great work and keeps the wiki's ecosystem in balance.

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