Mayor of Bazhong Government

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The Mayor of Bazhong Government was the first cabinet of Pinang and the only one during the First Republic. It was formed on 19 April 2018 and was dissolved on 11 June 2018 with the annexation of the First Republic of Pinang.

Mayor of Bazhong Cabinet
1st ministry of First Republic of Pinang
Date formed 19 April 2018
Date dissolved 11 June 2018
People and organizations
Head of government Esty
Head of government's history Mayor of Bazhong
Head of state Esty
Total no. of ministers 5
Member party Golden Party,

Military Party and People's Anarchic Party

Status in legislature Majority
Legislature term(s) Parliament of First Republic
Previous Gentiloni Government
Successor Conte I Government


Office Title Party
Prime Minister Mayor of Bazhong Military Party
Vice-Prime Minister Mayor of Republican [1] New Estosadok Military Party
Minister of Interior Former Archduke Golden Party
Minister of Foreign Affairs Mayor of New Piniang Golden Party (19 April 2018-4 June 2018) People's Anarchic Party (4 June 2018-11 June 2018)
Minister of Defence and Public Security Mayor of Bombardi Military Party


  1. The name New Estosadok has been used to indicate two different municipalities. The term Republican New Estosadok is often used to refer to the municipality that had that name during the first republic to differentiate it from the current one.