Matachewan-Usla Commonwealth

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Matachewan-Usla Commmonwealth
New Flag of Matachewan-Uslan Commonwealth.png

Working as one is better than working separately
"Free Matachewan" "God save the Emperor"
Capital cityMatachewan
Largest cityMatachewan
Official language(s)English, Polish, Austrian, Matachewanian French
Official religion(s)Catholicism Orthodox Christianity
Short nameMUC
DemonymMatachewanian or Uslan
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- KingBrandon Mierzwa
EstablishedDecember 28, 2018
Area claimedkm²
Population(December Census)
CurrencyMatachewan Złoty, Uslan Fento
Time zoneEST
National sportBaseball, Soccer
National animalWhite Eagle, Uslan Double Headed Eagle
Patron saintSaint Andrew, St. Gabriel Lameman

Matachewanian-Uslan Commonwealth History

Founding of the Commonwealth

The Matachewan-Uslan Commonwealth was founded by Brandon Mierzwa of Matachewan and Quill von Lye I of Usla as a union between the two states. This whole union was a proposal from Brandon due to the fact that Matachewan and Usla have always been historical allies and ever since the end of Owen Leski's regime Matachewan and Usla were closer than ever so union wasn't unheard of.

The Great Debate

End of the First Union

Matachewanian-Uslan Republican Uprisings

First Peace River Conference

End of the 3rd Kingdom of Matachewan

End of the Usla Republic



Political Parties