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Marioland as seen from ground
General information
Architectural styleAmerican Industrial
LocationCitadelle, Quebec
Construction startedunknown
A photo of the pipes in Marioland
A photo of a former DT&I train going through the junction in 1979

Marioland or Mario land is a Quebecois National Historic Landmark located next to the Penford Junction in Citadelle Quebec. The creation of the "dump pile" is unknown.



It is told that in the 2010s, Marioland was discovered by a group of teens in the near neighborhood, It became a hideout for Drugs and other types of illegal activity by teens in the local area. It also became a backdoor to enter the near by Herritage Park durring the Taylor Summer Festival.

Film era

Since 2011, Marioland has been featured and many amateur shorts like Youtuber, DSL273's Battle of Mario Land (DSL Action Short) (not related to the Battle of Marioland), and many parkour and adventure videos like Tommy Kurpowic's Exploring Mario Land (In Real Life) which gives the viewer and good idea of how dangerous and massive Marioland is.


The only battle at Marioland occured and was called the Battle of Marioland which was the first battle in the War on Terror in Quebec and the only battle in Quebec. It took place on March 26, 2019 in Taylor, Quebec. A small group of the Catholic Revolutionary Army that was left to protect the abandoned area. A Quebec Marine Unit spotted a rebel in the north woods and interrogated the rebel. He told them they were protecting Marioland for supply transports of valuable Québécois documents via USB stick. They surrounded the area made the group's rebel leader Dylan Sweet, surrendered.


Marioland today is considered by the Quebecois government unsafe for visitors and Quebecois visitors will be prosecuted under Quebecois law.