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The Majilis is the bicameral legislature of the Konraq Khanate consisting of the Senate and the General Assembly . Since 2019, every Konraqi citizen can be a member House of Peoples if they want while the 10 members of the Senate are appinted by the Kan


Konraq Khanate

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The Majilis meets in joint session at least once a year, at the opening of the parliamentary year, On special occasions, such as when a States Generate vote on a marriage of a member of the royal house, an proclaimation of a new kan, or the death of a member of the royal house, both houses also meet in a joint session , with the Atabeg presiding. They take . The rest of the time, the two chambers sit separately.

Constitutionally, all functions of the parliament are given to both houses, except for the rights of initiative and amendment, which only the General Assembly has.