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The Kingdom of Luporto
Luporto.jpg Flag

Semper Libro
Largest cityCuore
Official language(s)English, Papiamento
Official religion(s)Roman Catholicism
- MonarchKing Pagliaro
Established26 February 2018
Population7 (2018)
National sportSoccer
National drinkWine
National animalWolf
Patron saintPadre Pio

Official Website

The Kingdom of Luporto (shortly Luporto) is a micronation. The government is an absolute monarchy.

History And Culture

The nation was founded in the 1500s. The people of Luporto were people that lived in the jungle, forest, and ocean. They originated from African and Italian roots. They used to have tribes, then eventually soldiers.


The music is very instrumental. Most percussion instruments are played. It’s called Tamburo.

Food And Drink

The food that is eaten consists of a lot of rice, bread, fish, meats and spices and is healthy food.


The Luportin government is an absolute monarchy.

Formal recognition

  • Iustus flag.png The Iustus State
  • ESCFlag.png Republic of Escaplieria
  • Gran Ducado de Alimia
  • The Republic of New Vinland,
  • Republic of Natia,
  • Holy Empire of Arcadia
  • Sonderan Government

Unilateral recognition

  • Slide1.PNG Herbatrean Federation


  • Civitas
  • Capide