Luca-Nova House of Lords

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The Luca-Nova House of Lords is the only body of the Luca-Nova Parliament. The House of Lords was formed after the creation of the nation in 2010 and has since has passed over 100 laws, declarations and treaties. The powers of the Lords extend to sign treaties, collect taxes, wage war, send financial help, and make declarations. People are elected to Parliament every year in the month of July and later in that month meet in there one week siting in the capital territory of Yonkers. Otherwise Parliament meets over skype or some other form of technology. Terms in the Lords last one year. Most of the members are not elected and are appointed by age or profession.


The reason the name is "House of Lords" is not very complex. Current Prime Minister Michael Villanova said in a speech in the Lords "We much appreciate our British citizens, which total six, and the name sounds very cool."

Elections and Parliament Sittings