Luca-Nova Parliament Elections 2010

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The Luca-Nova Parliament Elections 2010, were the first ever Parliamentary elections in Luca-Nova history which also occurred next to the Luca-Nova Referendum 2010. The seats all went towards the unicameral Luca-Nova House of Lords, which is mostly not elected. The election was mostly won by the Labour Party and Conservative Party. In addition the first ever not elected Lords took there seats along side the elected Lords.

Referendum Results

The Referendum voted on and approved the basic constitution of the country which allowed the government to collect taxes, give declarations, pass laws and have many other powers. In addition the voting age was put to 14. There was no party or real opposition and passed with about 97% of the total vote.

2010 Referendum results
Parties Votes %
Yes 69 97.2%
No 2 2.8%
Total 71 100%

Parliamentary Elections

The members were elected by territory/district. The makeup of appointed and elected seats still is used today:

  • North Yonkers: One elected and one appointed
  • Brooklyn Central: two elected and two appointed
  • Ireland and Britain: One elected and one appointed
  • Germany: One elected and one appointed

The Labour party won half the seats and were allowed to form the government with the Conservative and Liberal Party being the opposition.

Total Lords
Parties Votes % Seats +/-
Labour Party 44 46.3 5 N/A
Conservative Party 27 28.4 3 N/A
Liberal Party 15 15.8 2 N/A
Socialist Alternative/Green Party Coalition 9 9.5 0 N/A
Total 95 100%

North Yonkers District

2010 North Yonkers Result
Parties/Candidate Votes %
Michael Villanova 14 60.9
Carmine Washington 5 21.7
Mick Deen 4 17.4
Total 23 100%

Labour candidate Michael Villanova was the elected Lord for North Yonkers. Yonkers also appointed Stella Peters, a Labour party member, to the House of Lords.

Brooklyn Central

Brooklyn Central elects two citizens, with each citizen getting two votes but both cannot be used on the same candidate.

2010 Brooklyn Central Result
Parties/Candidate Votes %
Mary Luca 20 43.5
Harry Luca 15 32.6
Erik Luca 11 23.9
Total 46 100%

The two candidates with the most votes, Mary and Harry Luca, were both elected. In addition two Lords were appointed, one conservative Margaret Luca and Labour Party member Heidi Luca.

Ireland and Britain

2010 Ireland and Britain Result
Parties/Candidate Votes %
Frank Nome 6 54.5
Gerard Nome 5 45.5
Total 11 100%

Conservative candidate Frank Nome was elected and Bob McLough, Liberal Party member, was appointed to a Lords seat as well.


2010 Germany Result
Parties/Candidate Votes %
Carmine Luca 6 40.0
Gerard Luca 5 33.3
Austin Nome 4 26.7
Total 15 100%

Conservative Party member Carmine Luca was elected as a Lord, and Gerard Luca, Labour Party member, was eventually appointed as a Lord as well.

2010 Session

The first Labour government is credited for setting up the nation and much of its practices. They passed the first taxes which brought in about 54,000.00 dollars and spent about 21,000.00. Taxes were mostly brought in through the rich and additional revenue was brought in through other events. They passed a 9/11 memorial declaration, and set up the July gathering of citizens. They spent most of the year signing treaties to get recognition from larger states and were able to set up a defense department.

Government Bench

  • Prime Minister/Minister of Foreign Affairs - Heidi Luca
  • Minister of State/Minister of Labour - Michael Villanova
  • Minister of Social Services, Health Care, and Energy - Stella Peters