Ledilian United Forces

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Ledilian United Forces
Established 21 February 2019
Micronation Principality of Ledilia
Previous engagements 0 in 365 days
Current engagements N/A
Minister of Public Defense Flavio Dal Cin
Commandant in-chief of the LUF HRH Manuel M. I°
Chief of Defense Staff Giulio Zangrilli
Admiral of the Fleet Manfredi Idger
General information
Garrison / HQ Gandolfo Barracks
Casualties 0
Active personnels
Standard weapons Airsoft, Slings
Budget 300.00$

The Ledilian United Forces are the Forces who contains the Rangers and the Marines, both landbased and amphibious forces. The Air force is a corp of the Rangers, the Rangers Air Arm.

General Staff

The General Staff of the Armed Forces, composing of professional personnel, has the highest authority in the Armed Forces. The Staff create strategic and tactical preparations and procedures for use in peacekeeping missions and in times of war and is responsible for developing the command structure, creating a plan for soldier recruitment, regulating training curriculum, and performing other tasks determined by the military law.


All citizens of the principality between the ages of 13 and 17 are obligated to military service. The service is divided into active and reserve. Military service age - 18 years. The officer corps of the Armed Forces of the Principality trained for the International Treaties in foreign military schools. Non-commissioned officers of the Armed Forces are trained in military schools of the Principality.

Basic tasks of the Land Forces are:

  • To maintain an optimal level of combat readiness of the Land Forces.
  • To fight a possible aggressor's main forces on strategic-operational levels and to defend against any land, air, and amphibious assaults.
  • To build and develop the capability to respond to requests of non-traditional tasks that are required of the Armed Forces.


Logo Name Type Founded
Ledilian Rangers Infantry 22 March 2020
Ledilian Marines Marines 22 March 2020