Latitudian Order

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Latitudian Order

Awarded by the Republic of Latitudia
Established17 November 2015
Awarded forNoticeable good deeds towards the Republic and its people, friends and allies
Knight ProtectorLord Gustaf Saltborn,
Duke of the Salt Sea
GradesKnight/Dame (KLO/DLO)
Commander (CLO)
Officer (OLO)
First induction17 November 2015
Total inductees6
Next (higher)Order of the Black Cross
Next (lower)Royal Order of the High Council

The Latitudian Order is an order of chivalry bestowed by the Republic of Latitudia. It was founded together with several other awards and decorations on 17 November 2015 by REG/2015:14, it is awarded to a subject for noticeable good deeds towards Latitudia and its citizens, friends and allies. This honour can be awarded to any person inside or outside a micronation, by any senior member of the Latitudian High Council. Upon receiving and accepting an award the subject should proudly and gracefully display it in all its splendour in at least micronational context. The award and title can be revoked at any time only by the senior council member that bestowed it upon the subject.

As only one of the grades has a maximum quota, this order is continuously being awarded.


There are four grades in the Latitudian Order, the Knight/Dame Protector is chosen as the official patron of the order, and is therefore limited to only one person. There is no limit of recipients for the remaining three grades, but a fair balance between them is desirable. If presented with a ribbon, medal or similar it should be worn at every official social event should it be appropriate.

  • Knight/Dame Protector (KPLO/DPLO)
  • Knight/Dame (KLO/DLO)
  • Commander (CLO)
  • Officer (OLO)


Recipients of all four grades are referred to as Sir/Dame, unless they have a senior or royal title. They may call themselves according to their grade, a Knight/Dame, Commander or Officer at their own discretion. Postnominals may be shown with or without points (full stops); e.g. K.L.O. or KLO, but preferrably without. When several postnominals are present if possible put the highest or most senior award first. Postnominals as abbreviations are never used verbally, only in written text.

  • Sir John Smith KPLO/KLO/CLO/OLO
  • Dame Mary Smith DPLO/DLO/CLO/OLO


A spouse to a Knight/Dame may or may not choose to be addressed Mr/Lady Smith, given that they share the surname with the recipient. If chosen, the formal address is Sir John and Lady Mary Smith and Dame Mary and Mr John Smith. If they choose not to, the formal address is Sir John and Mrs Smith and Dame Mary and Mr Smith. If they don't share the same surname, the style will instead be Sir John Smith and Lady Mary Grant, etc. In Swedish, when used, the address would be Herr och fru Smith regardless of stature. Any royal or foreign styles will have precedence.


Knight/Dame Protector (KPLO/DPLO)

Name Nation Date of Receiving
Lord Gustaf Saltborn ✝  Republic of Latitudia 17 November 2015

Knights/Dames (KLO/DLO)

Name Nation Date of Receiving
HIM Emperor Patrick Renwick  Empire of Paravia 9 January 2016

Commanders (CLO)

Name Nation Date of Receiving
First Consul David Sarkozy Grand Republic of Delvera 9 January 2016
HG, General Lord Mike Lewis  Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic 9 January 2016

Officers (OLO)

  • (vacant)