Klinkenberg Independent Group

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Klinkenberg Independent Group
Kinkenberger Onafhankelijke Groepering
ChairpersonBryan Kleverlaan
Seats in the House of Delegates
1 / 17

The Klinkenberg Independent Group (Dutch: Kinkenberger Onafhankelijke Groepering) is a political party in the Wallenian House of Delegates with one delegate, representing the island of Klinkenberg. The KIG differs from other Wallene political parties in that it contests only elections in Strandenberg, and it only represents regionalist interests. The party is based on the Dutch Independent Senate Group


After the Sloos Amandment and the annexation of Klinkenberg into Wallenia, Independent member of pariliament and former non instrict Bryan Kleverlaan formed a new political entity called the Klinkenberg Independent Group


The party is considered republican by many observers due to its strong stance against the Wallenian Kingdom and wanting to establish the Federal Republics of the Gunter Islands as Kleverlaan found the name Wallenia too de Waal centeric, its opposition to ohter parties contesting Klinkenburg and its affirmation of an Wallenian national identity. the KIG has been commented for its success in agglutinating the opposition by supporting the National Unity Government