Kingsmen Guard

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Kingsmen Guard of West Canada
Kingsmen Guard Flag.png
Flag of the Guard
AllegianceDominion of West Canada
BranchWest Canadian Army
Motto(s)"Over the Hills and Far Away"
ColorsOrange and Blue
Over the Hills and Far Away

The Kingsmen Guard are a paramilitary force levied by the Dominion of West Canada for the purpose of being auxiliary units to main military forces. When not in active duty, the Kingsmen are also used secondarily as Gendarmerie, ensuring peace around their primary area of operations.


The Kingsmen Guard was founded on 18 March 2021 by Governor-General Connor Shaw. The name "Kingsmen Guard" derives from an Anglicization of the Dutch word for man-at-arms (krijgsman te paard); the name "Kingsmen" is not in direct reference to any monarch specifically but to them being men of the greater Kingdom at large.