Kingdom of Patrimia

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Patrimia, officially the Kingdom of Patrimia, was a micronation led by King Harrison the 1st. It was founded on 20 April 2018.



The name Patrimia comes from the Latin word Patria, which among other things means "fatherland".


Patrimia was founded on 20 April 2018 in King Harrison's bedroom. During that day and the next he created the basics of the nation.

Mid-summer 2018 disbandment and rebirth and then disbandment again

During the summer of 2018 the king and all the lords at the table quit doing the weekly meetings and general nation activity came to a halt, thus bringing the king to the decision to disband the nation.

However, after the summer was over and all the lords weren't a part of the nation, not the king either for that, King Harrison the first took up the mantle of king again, thus rebirthing the nation and bringing it back to a bedroom monarchy.

But then later during 2019, the nation was once again dibanded. But this time it was final. King Harrison said that the reason for the disbandment was that the nation was built around him and the lords of the table, and making it not so would need a rebuild of the constitution among some other things. And therefore the nation was shut down for good.