Kingdom of Lakthia

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Kingdom of Lakthia
Royaume de Lakthie (French) Reino de Lakthijia (Lakthian)
Motto: In latin: Praeberi fari in lumine et quod in mundum
(The light that brightens up the world)
Anthem: no current one
LocationSubantarctic islands, Terre Adélie
CapitalLK'Lakthae (de jure)
LargestStanley, Falkland Islands
Official languages lakthian, french, english
Organizational structureConstitutional monarchy
• King
Regent Paul of Lakthia
Area claimed
458,509 km2 (177,031 sq mi)
• Estimate
3,565 (202st)

Lakthia, formally Kingdom of Lakthia is a micronation based in the Subantarctic islands. [1] The power is shared between the king (currently regent) and the government. The micronation was made to promote self-determination, peace and ecology in the Southern islands and in Antarctica. However, the micronation plan to make elections for a democratic parliament in april 2021. [2] Lakthia is candidate to the organisation of microfrancophonia (french speaking micronations). The area of the country is approximately the same size of Isreal or Belgium without the Antarctic part, and the same of the Sweden with. There are less than 4,000 inhabitants, a large number of the lakthian citizens live abord, especially in France, United Kingdom and Australia.


During the 18th century, some settlements were created in Falkland islands. During the 20th century, the success of whale oil leads to significant immigration from UK, Norway and France to South Georgia and Kerguelen islands. Today, the cities of Grytviken and Port-Jeanne-D'Arc remind us this period. In 1982, a war between Argentina and United Kingdom in the western lakthian territories caused the death of almost 1,000 people. Since 2013, the Kingdom of Lakthia works to gain independence and international recognition. The current regent is Paul of Lakthia.


The Lakthian Kingdom covers the following territories

  • - Falkland islands
  • - South Georgia
  • - South Sandwich islands
  • - Bouvet island
  • - Tristan Da Cunha
  • - Kerguelen island
  • - Scattered islands of the indian Ocean
  • - Geyser Bank
  • - Crozet islands
  • - Prince Edouard islands
  • - Heard and MacDonald islands
  • - Macquarie island
  • - Eastern Subantarctic islands
  • - Terre Adelie
  • - Southern orkney islands

The total area of the Kingdom is comparable to that of Sweden or Morocco. The largest city is Stanley with 2,600 inhabitants but LK'Lakthae is de jure the capital. The climate is mostly fresh in summer and sweet in winter. In Stanley the winder's maximum daily temperature is around 15°C, the coldest average temperature is 2°C, it snows some winter's days. The weather of this city is comparable to that of southern New Zealand or Scottland. The capital, LK'Lakthae (currently Martin de Viviès) has a warmer climate. In winter, the coldest average temperature is around 10°C, in summer, the warmest temperature is around 25°C. This climate is comparable to that of Netherlands or Southern Ireland.

Legal status and politics

Lakthia is a parlementary monarchy. There's no current king because the country isn't recognized as independant. If one day the country becomes independent, the current regent, Paul of Lakthia (or his heir) would be the official king/queen, of Lakthia. The parliament is elected by the citizens and the majority makes a government and elect the supreme chancellor (government chief).

The kingdom defines itself as an environmentalist country. In an interview for the Lakthian Times, the Regent Paul of Lakthia said "being environmentalist is not a politic ideology, if you vote for a "green party", you do not help this environment. Being a real environmetalist does not mean you are a far left person, if it does, do not vote for them. Being a true environmentalist: protect the natural heritage (animals, forests, natural resources, oppose environmental degradation, etc.), protect historical heritage (defend heritage, monuments and memory), protect cultural heritage (defend a territory against settlement foreign cultures (in a massive way only) because they are not adapted to the environment and the local culture), protect the social heritage (defend the poorest, renovate infrastructure in a sustainable way, produce food for all and education) and finally to be an environmentalist you have to be patient and moderate. We cannot ban all pesticides, we must limit them on the other hand, we must start slowly concrete measures such as the gradual abandonment of oil but it will take 20 years, not three days. Ecology will only be popular and accepted if it is done gradually, anyway it cannot work otherwise."


Lakthia wants to be a modern and ecofriendly country, seen as an exemple is the world. The government plans to build green cities in some islands. Some of these would be floating cities with almost zero impact on the land's and sea's environment. The capital, LK'Lakthae will be a modern small capital, linked by an international airport made on a new artificial island, well connected to public transports as subways, tramways or buses. Car won't be the main transport in Lakthia, a train network and green buses will be largely deployed across the country, however, only a small part of the territory will be occupied, the rest will be protected by parks and reserves. The goal is to build a whole country until 2050, a big democracy, inhabited by minimum 100 000 people, with a real low impact on the environment and an efficient public and social system. The first partial plan, introduced during a meeting in August 2020 said at least 5.8 billions dollars will be necessary to make the project real between 2030 and 2050.



Lakthia has an incredible variety of animals. Marine and bird species that are emblematic of these lands, that the lakthian government wants to protect.


Phylica arborea trees occur on Amsterdam, which is the only place where they form a low forest, although the trees are also found on Tristan da Cunha and Gough Island. In the Falklands, Crozet islands, and Kerguelen islands, there are hardly any trees, the wind and the climate are however conductive to short vegetation. The Scattered islands are located around Madagascar and have a warm tropical climate.



British schools are open in Falkland islands and Tristan Da Cunha.


The government created Medias of Lakthia. This organization includes an online newspaper Lakthian Times and will lunches soon a web-tv channel named LKTV.


The Falkland islands has some local teams in various sports. The kingdom sport autority (KSAL) has an Olympic Comitee but still unrecognized.


Lakthia has 3 official languages: english (used by the majority of the population), french (language of a large part of the country) and Lakthian (which is only used by some officials and is a newborn language). Actually, french is used in medias and adminisatration, but english will be extended to all the kingdom's services.

Lakthian language

The lakthian language is only spoken by a small number of people across the world. Only official language of the Kingdom of Lakthia. The language was created between 2011 and 2017. Largely a mix of english, french, dutch and spanish languages like catala.

Here is some lakthian's words

  • Reino de Lakthijia (Kingdom of Lakthia)
  • Illa (Island)
  • Land (Country)
  • Lakthianse langua (Lakthian language)
  • Reis (Travel)
  • Televisie (Television)
  • Ocean Atlantic (Atlantic Ocean)
  • Independance (Independence)
  • Hej (Hello)
  • Hej Nad (Good evening/night)
  • Dank u (Thank you)
  • Plaisir (You're welcome)
  • Privej (Please)
  • Escol (School)
  • Govern (Government)
  • Apart (separate)
  • Guerre (War)
  • Ej (I)
  • Tu/u (you)
  • ons (we)
  • Il (the)
  • Storm (storm)
  • Sterk (strong)
  • Kerck (Church)
  • Dangereu (Dangerous)
  • Palau (Palace)
  • Companex (Boyfriend, Girlfriend)
  • Xirsten (Christian)
  • Dankbaar (Thankful)


Lakthian letter = [english pronunciation]

  1. X = [sh] in Companex the x is like [sh] in the word shotting -> [CompaneSH]
  2. J = [gee] in Nej (no) the j is like [j] in the word Jordania -> [Negee]
  3. LL = [dj] in Illa the LL is like [j] in the german word Ja (yes) -> [Idja]

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