Regent of Lakthia

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Regent of Lakthia
Paul of Lakthia
since since 26 June 2013
StyleHis Excellency Majesty
Heir apparentunknown
First monarchPaul of Lakthia
Formation26 June 2013
Residence(de Jure) Lakthian Royal Palace

The Regent is the Head of state of the Kingdom of Lakthia. Paul of Lakthia is the incumbent one since June 2013. The title of regent is actually provisional, leading to the title of king once independence is recognized. The current Regent Paul of Lakthia is at the origin of creation of the kingdom. The day of the nation's birth (26 June) is the national day of Lakthia. The power of the Regent is limited, the Royal Parliament of Lakthia has the legislative power, the government and the Supreme Chancelor have the majority of the executive power and the Supreme Court has the judicial power. The Regent has a moral power and a small executive power. He organizes the political life of the country and has the power to organize referendums.


The Regent is the lakthian Head of state. He is the chief of the national defense and diplomacy. He has some powers limited to representation, constitutional recourse and the organization of the kingdom's political life.

He meets foreign representors and leaders and has the power to make deals, trade and treaties with them. For exemple, he decided in 2020 to join his country to the world organization of microfrancophonia. An organization promoting the French language with 17 member states.