Kingdom of Karador

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Republic of Kamore
Republiek van Kamore (Dutch)
The republican standard used by William Mevd and the institutions of the republic.
Kamore along with its client states.
Kamore along with its client states.
Other languagesDutch, English
Christianity (state religion)
GovernmentConfederal republic
General Commander 
• 2022 - present
William Mevd
LegislatureState Council
Independence from Belgium
• Declaration of the first Republic
29-30 April 2022
• Kamorese Revolution
27 August 2022
• Declaration of the Directory
30 August 2022
• Decemberist Reforms
8 December 2022
25 January 2023
14 February 2023
CurrencyVarious, mainly the Dimae.

Karador, officially known as the Kingdom of Kamore, is a micronation claiming sovereignty over a small plot of land in the United States Of America. The micronation has not received recognition from any official countries of the United Nations. It was founded by Gavin Norberg