Kingdom of Evanoria

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Kingdom of Evanoria
Coat of arms
Anthem: Commando March (formal)
Free Bird (informal)
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy, Representative Democracy
• King
King Peter I
• Chancellor
King Peter I
• Census
11 (Residential)
7 (Non-Residential)
Time zone(PT)

The Kingdom of Evanoria is a micronation founded in 2017.


The Kingdom of Evanoria of was named after a station on the Seattle-Everett Railway (now the Interurban Trail). The railway allowed Judge James Ronald, the owner of the land, to name the stop. He named it Evanor, after his two daughters, Eva and Norma. However, the railway quickly changed the name of the station to Ronald. Prior to founding the kingdom, King Peter I read this story and added the suffix -ia, denoting a placename, to the end.


The ballot box used in the first Evanorian parliamentary election

Foundation and Provisional Government

King Peter I first made plans to form a micronation during the Spring of 2016. Over the summer, he wrote the Constitution of what would later become known as the Kingdom of Evanoria. Preparations having been completed, the Kingdom of Evanoria declared independence on February 28, 2017, when the five original leaders signed the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. The latter document established the Provisional Government of Evanoria, a council of five lead by King Peter I. The Provisional Government oversaw the first parliamentary elections in Evanoria, which took place in June 2017. Four of the five members of the Provisional Government were elected to parliament, plus one person who was not a member of the Provisional Government.

Parliamentary Period

The first session of the newly-formed parliament occurred during August 2017. During it, King Peter I was elected Chancellor.

On March 2, 2018, Evanoria celebrated its first Independence Day. During celebrations, four of the original five signatories of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence signed new copies of the documents, to be sent to the White House. (The original documents were never sent out, and were thought lost until their rediscovery in June 2018.)


The government of Evanoria is divided into four branches: the Legislative Branch, the Executive Branch, the Judiciary, and the Monarchy.

Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch consists of the five members of Parliament. This legislative body is elected using Party-list voting, and passes laws by a simple majority.

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is tasked with carrying out the laws passed by the Legislative Branch. It is lead by the Chancellor, who is elected from and by the Parliament. Currently, the only other official in the Executive Branch is the Vice-Chancellor, who would succeed the Chancellor should he die in office or resign. The current Chancellor is King Peter I, and the current Vice-Chancellor is Marcus Coleman.


The Judiciary consists of the Supreme Court of Evanoria. The Supreme Court of Evanoria is supposed to have three judges and two reserve judges. These officials are appointed by the Chancellor. However, the current Chancellor has not done so yet.


The monarch has supreme executive, legislative, and judicial power in matters related to heraldry, nobility, orders of chivalry, and matters related specifically to the monarchy.

Foreign Relations

Signing of a treaty between Evanoria and Avanation

The Constitution of Evanoria delegates the conduction of foreign affairs to the Executive Branch. Although King Peter is in contact with many leaders from the Microwiki Community, Evanoria's foreign relations are fairly limited.

Nations with which Evanoria has a treaty


Evanoria's land claims consist of eight counties. These counties are all located in the greater Seattle area.

Picture Name Population
Borsylvania 2
Brattslavia 1
Catland 1
Eissesum 2
Filbrun 1
Giolla 1
Llandover 0
Rigwøld 1
Zandria 2