Peter I of Evanoria

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Peter I
King of Evanoria
Photo taken on April 1, 2018
King of Evanoria
Reign February 28, 2017 - present
Predecessor Throne Established
Leader of the Provisional Government
In office February - June 2017
Predecessor Office established
Successor Officer disestablished
Chancellor of Evanoria
In office June 2017 - present
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
House Borsylvania

Peter I, King of Evanoria is the first and current monarch of Evanoria.


In early 2016, Peter B. encountered Micronationalism for the first time. Over the course of late spring and early summer, he began the plans of what would later become the Kingdom of Evanoria.


On February 28, 2017, the Provisional Government of Evanoria signed the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, the latter of which established him as first King of Evanoria. In the May 2017 elections, King Peter was elected to the Evanorian Parliament. Shortly afterward, he was elected Chancellor of Evanoria.

Peter's term as Chancellor has seen the expansion of Evanoria, as well as the promulgation of many pieces of legislation. However, he has been largely absent from his duties and privileges as Monarch.


In March 2018, Peter became a citizen of Abelden, where he is known as Peter Anselm. He considered a run for parliament in the 2018 general election, but decided not to in order to focus on Evanorian affairs. He remains politically independent.