Kingdom of Bahal

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Kingdom of Bahal
Bah'aal Kurta'ange

FlagBahal (2013-15).png
Flag (2015)
Royal Bahali COA.gif
Coat of Arms

For King For Fatherland
Natzwane Guru
Capital cityBahalneya
Official language(s)Bahali,English
Official religion(s)Catholicism
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
- Chief-KingJoerigwane (last)
- Prime MinisterAyan He'daan
LegislatureNational Assembly
CurrencyUgurian Dollar ($)

The Kingdom of Bahal was a monarchy in Central Bahal that existed from 2013 to 2015. The Ubagonese Republic held the Bahali throne as a sub national monarchy,Despite all territories connected to the Bahali crown were incorporated into Ubagonese Republic under the name of Province of Bahal. The monarchy ended with the deposition of the last king Jourigwane in the June Revolution , after which Bahal became a republic.


Tera Department

éra Department covers most of the historic territory of Liptako. Today primarily a home to speakers of the Southern Songhai language, prior to the Songhai Empire, the area was populated by Gourmantche and Mossi peoples. By the 16th century Tera was one of the many small states which survived the destruction of the Songhai Empire, with many Songhai communities resettling into what is today Niger from the north. The Dendi Songhai state of the 17th century ruled the area, before dividing into several small states, each ruled by an Askia of Songhai noble lineage. In the late 19th century, the Songhai city state around Tera was in almost continual conflict with Tuareg groups in the north and east, with the city of Tera sacked and destroyed as late as 1885. Forces from Usman dan Fodio's Sokoto Caliphate took the area several times in the early 19th century as well, but were pushed back by Djerma forces in the regions to the southeast, though semi-nomadic Fula communities were present in the area from at least the 18th century.

First Kingdom of Bahal

The Kingdom of Bahal was an empire in West Africa from 2013 to 2014 The empire was founded by Rick I and became renowned for the wealth of its rulers,. The Bahali Empire profoundly influenced the culture of Bahal through the spread of its language, laws and customs along the lands along the However it joined Ubago


Flag of Ubago

Ubago was a country in West Africa linking the Dutch created micronations of Africa and for a period of only 1 year It was founded as a territory with self-rule within the Two months later, the Bahali Provincie leaders in Ubago mobilized the army The country's predominantly population of 23 The capital city is K'wane, located in the west it was Dissolved and divided in the Ubagi Republic, Xzanbwe ,Sokartho ,Bahal ,Adyr ,Cleosonia and Keysaya

The Monarchy of Bahal was a regional monarchy We'eesaan was deposed and the Bahali Jo'wana became king than soon Yourigwane


Shortly after the chaotic dissolution of Ubago, King Yourigwane proclaimed Bahal, one of the territory's wealthiest provinces which had accounted for nearly fifty per cent of Ubagonese revenues, an independent and autonomous nation. According to Yourigwane and his officials at the time, this action was taken to secede from chaos in Ubago

Revolt and Current History

The June Revolution in Bahal in 2015. It was centered on Bahalneya, then the capital (now Bahal City ), on 12 June The revolution was confined to the capital and its vicinity, and lasted less than a week. It involved mass demonstrations and armed clashes with the gendarmes, the last loyal forces of the Bahali monarchy. In the last days the Bahali Army forces sided with the revolutionaries. The immediate result of the revolution was the abdication of King-Chief, Joerigwane , the end of the dynasty, and the end of the Kingdom of Bahal