Kingdom of Animalia

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Flag of Animalia
Coat of arms of Animalia
Coat of arms
"Equality and Freedom End All Pain and Suffering"
"God Save the King"
Largest cityHamsterland
Official languagesNone
Recognised national languagesEnglish and Portuguese
Recognised regional languagesBird Language and Hamsterin
39% Christian
12% Shinto
5% Hindu
5% Islam
2% Buddhist
3% Other
23% Spiritual
11% Undeclared
Demonym(s)Animalian • Animal
GovernmentUnitary constitutional monarchy under direct democracy
• Monarch
Independence from United States of America
• Independence
• Unification
5 December 2010
• Current constitution
• Estimate
CurrencyUnited States dollar ($) (USD)
Time zonePST
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+1
Patron saintSt. Frances of Assisi

The Kingdom of Animalia, commonly known as just Animalia, is a sovereign micronation within the State of California. Animalia was founded on the basic principles of animal rights and human rights.

Animalia is made up of six communities: Birdland, Hamsterland, Rodentia and Fiducia. Fiducia is the only part of the Animalian Kingdom that is not attached to the rest of the country. Animalia is surrounded by the land of the neighboring country, the United States of America.

Animalia is a constitutional monarchy with a direct democracy. The monarch is Queen Luna, who has reigned since 2019, making her the first female head of state in Animalian history. Animalia's capital is Portela, a community with a population of 21 inhabitants. The largest community in Animalia is Hamsterland with a population of 29 inhabitants. Another major urban area in Animalia is Hamsterland City.

The creation of the Animalian Kingdom resulted from the merging of two kingdoms. The King of Birdland and the King of Hamsterland decided to form a united kingdom after the death of King Baby of Birdland.

Animalia is a developed country.


Unification of Kingdoms

The Kingdom of Animalia was officially established on December 5, 2010 after the death of King Baby of Birdland passed away suddenly. The Heir to the Throne from Birdland, Prince Bertie, decided to talk with the neighboring King from Hamsterland on unification of the two kingdoms. The talks were successful and within twenty four hours the Kingdom of Animalia was established. It was then agreed upon that Prince Bertie of Birdland would become the King of Animalia and the King of Hamsterland would become the automatic Heir to the Throne in the new kingdom.

Transition to a Parliamentary Democracy

A few years after the unification of the kingdoms, a group of citizens had an idea to create a parliament. The idea was quite popular in general but the King was uncertain. Eventually King Bertie agreed to it and allowed citizens to have free elections and vote for a parliament.


Animalia is a unitary state under a constitutional monarchy. Queen Luna is the monarch and head of state of the Kingdom. The Constitution of Animalia consists mostly of a collection of separate written sources and statutes.


The government currently consists of five organs: the Monarch, the Council of Ministers, the Senate, the Assembly, and the Magistrate. The Queen allows citizens to directly vote on issues that impact the nation. This is why Animalia is considered a direct democracy.

Foreign relations

The Kingdom of Animalia currently has healthy relations with the United States, its neighboring country. The government has not many any formal treaties yet. Animalians seek only peace with foreign nations. Diplomacy is valued and taken seriously in Animalia.


There is no military in Animalia. The Police Force serves as the sole security agency in the Kingdom.

Only the Queen has the authority to declare war, however it has never been executed.



There is no established economy in the Kingdom of Animalia. Previous administrations have tried to implement economic policies in hopes of kick-starting an economy. Those attempts always failed.



There is no official language in Animalia, however, the most spoken languages are English and Portuguese.


There is no state religion in Animalia. Citizens have the freedom to practice or not practice a religion.

The traditional religion in the Kingdom of Animalia is Christianity. In a 2019 Census, non-Christian religions were at an all time high. The results of the Census are as follows:

39% Christianity (27% Non-denominational, 6% Catholic, 5% Protestant, 1% Orthodox)
12% Shintoism
5% Hinduism
5% Islamism
2% Buddhism
1% Greek mythology
1% Hawaiian mythology
1% Witchcraft
23% Spiritualism
11% Undeclared


The population of Animalia has been steadily increasing over the last few years. The current population in 114.