Kid United Republic Space Agency (KURSA)

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Kid United Republic Space Agency
Kid United Republic Flag.png
No Official logo, expect this...

Motto "See the Universe"
Establishment December 26, 2013
Jurisdiction Secretary of Science
Headquarters Kid United Republic Flag.png Sacramento District
Affliation Kid United Republic,Private Funding
Next Planned Lanuch July 24, 2017
Flights 2
Current Program
  • Testing of Project Rotor
Aims Research Earth in Lower orbit, Get a first deep space satellite
Employees 10 (Some are not affiliated with KUR.)

The KURSA is the official space agency of the Kid United Republic. It is currently running tests simulation and real outside tests, using the programs Orbiter Space Flight Simulator & launching cubsats into space. Being in the 'Second Ignition' the KURSA has a total of 13 simulation tests and two successful tests in space.

The KURSA is a member of the Jackson Cole Trust Foundation.

Thanks to funds, the KURSA uses actual tests and virtual tests as well. The KURSA is mostly for space exploration, and is beginning to due a bigger astronomy program that will start officially on October 14, 2016

Planned Missions

No. Program Badge Launch vehicle Launch Date Aim Notes
KUR KUR Low Orbit Project N/A N/A 8 July 2014 To go into low orbit Mission was successful

Contributors of the KURSA

  • The Jackson Cole Trust Foundation
  • JCE
  • Jackson Cole's Dad/Mom
  • Private Funding