Khanate of Spunkia

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Khanate of Spunkia
Motto: We Win! (Unofficial)
Anthem: "March of the people" (Unofficial)
Capital: N/A
Largest City: N/A
Official Language: English
Demonym: Spunkanese
Government: Absolute Monarchy
Leader: Thomas Ellis, Great Khan (Disputed)
Foundation: 10 March 2019
Population: 4
Currency: US Dollar

The Khanate of Spunkia is a semi-nomadic group (self classified as a micronation) that claims independence from the Empire of Emosia. The group is also a Phoklandian feudal state.


On 10 March 2019, former emosian Crown Prince Thomas Ellis was gifted a small island in Freestone Park. This was a symbolic gift by the emosian government following the announcement that the nation planned to annex the park in the coming months. Upon receiving this land, Prince Thomas declared the island's independence from not only the United States, but from the Empire of Emosia as well.

This deceleration was largely ignored by Emosia until said new nation successfully invaded the emosian territory of Victoria. This sparked a war between the Empire and Spunkia. The war was mostly a stalemate until the Khanate began a series of offensive military advances.

Invasion of Emosia

On 15 April 2019, the khanate began an invasion of the Empire of Emosia. This was in an attempt to claim as much land for the new nation as physically possible in order to allow for ease of troop/resource movement. The first step in the invasion was the occupation of the Emosian Phoklandian Embassy. While an attempt was made by the local emosian/phoklandian garrison to hold the embassy, it fell within one hour and the spunkanese government quickly moved into their new territory, fortifying it and using it as their primary weapons storage area/de facto capital.

Following the taking of the embassy, the spunkanese forces swiftly invaded further into the emosian capital of Kyber. However, their advances were stopped during the Battle of Venuvia, when a joint phoklandian-emosian force stalled the invasion and created a front line stalemate (akin to that experienced during the first World War).

The war continued for roughly two weeks until (after having their forces overrun by a joint Emosian-Phoklandian force) the Khanate was forced to concede all territories and surrender.


The culture of Spunkia is very militaristic, with the entire population (so far) currently enlisted in the nation's army. In regards to non-military customs, the nation is very "gamercentric" with video games (particularly GTA V and Fortnite) taking up large amounts of the citizens' free time.

The population of the country is also very young, with the oldest citizen (the monarch) being only 13 years old and the entirety of the population (currently) being in the seventh grade.