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—  City  —
Country KlaiFlag.png Autocratic States of Klaise
Established November 10th, 2015
 - State Autocrat of Tigress
 - County Autocrat
 - Total 5
 - Density 5/km2 (12.9/sq mi)
Demonym Kekylian
Time zone UTC -5.2
 - Summer (DST) EST (UTC+6.2)

Kekyl is the third largest city in the Autocratic States of Klaise. The city is located mostly in the eastern side of Manx and the northwest corner of Felixshire. The city has around five citizens, but has a large area due to the area not being as dense as Ausshaffen or Monomaew are. The city were two hamlets, before both hamlets shared the same problems, were linked by the same roads, and were eventually consolidated into the city of Kekyl.

Etymology of Kekyl

The city's name comes the word "kek", which is a word from the imageboard 4chan meaning something is funny, or just a word that can be used for anything at all. The "-yl" on Kekyl just comes from Schandleire's mind when there wasn't a name for the city.


The city's transportation is centered around Express 1. National transportation is fullfilled with Express 1 serving the need for north-south transport to Monomew and Ausshaffen. As well as Express 7 that serves the need for more north-south transportation to Vermontz, and further on to the American border.