Karnia-Ruthenia National Football Team

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Karniarutheniaflag.png Karnia-Ruthenia
Shirt badge/Association crest
Alcunha(s)Seleção Carioca
AssociationFederação de Futebol da Guanabara
ConfederationConfederação de Futebol Micronacional
CoachUlli von und zu Eibenland-Sansbeurg
Home StadiumPersenburg
Home colors
Away colours
MFF World Cup
Participações2 (First in 2018)
Melhor ResultadoQuarter-finals
* 2018 CFM World Cup
* 2018.2 CFM World Cup)

The Karnia-Ruthenia national football team is the association football team representing the Karno-Ruthenian Empire since 2018 and is governed by the Karno-Ruthenian League of Football founded the same year.


Especially popular in the Lusophone sector of micronationalism, the use of online platforms for the practice of eSports was not unheard of within the Empire. Football was the first privileged sport, being the first team, the National Football Team of Ruthenia, created in 2014.[1] Without having played any match, the team was forgotten.

In March 2018, Thomas, Count Karácsony, a successful manager of football teams in the Principality of Maryen, joined the Empire as a citizen and innovated the national sport with Karácsony Football Club and became the first manager of the national team of soccer after the foundation of the Empire. He was succedded by Ulli von und zu Eibenland-Sansbeurg in 2019.


International record

The Karnia-Ruthenia national football team played a total number of 02 official and 1 unofficial internationals since March 2018. All of them played by online platforms.

Date Location Competition Opponent Score (1)
10 April 2018 Persenburg, Karnia-Ruthenia Exhibition game 25px R.U.P.A. 1–2
11 April 2018 Dara, Bugolavia 2018.2 CFM World Cup NacaoPelegrina1.png Kingdom of Italy 3–0
17 April 2018 Dara, Bugolavia 2018 CFM World Cup AsgardFlag.png Kingdom of Asgard X–Y

(1) Karnia-Ruthenia's score is shown first.

Player records


Uniform of the Ruthenian Soccer Team (2014-2016).

The first known kit to represent the colors of Ruthenia was the uniform of the Ruthenian Soccer Team (2014-2016), the predecessor of the Karno-Ruthenian national football team. It had been idealized at the time that the Adidas AG, the same supplier of the Spanish, the German, Hungarian and Russian national teams, would be chosen to supply the material for use of the selection.

The official uniform was composed by a black shirt with white stripes in both arms, white shorts with two vertical orange stripes in both sides and drak grey socks.

The alternative kit, also known as away kit, was composed by a orange shirt with white stripes in both arms, white shorts with two vertical black stripes in both sides and orange socks.

The kepper's uniform was always composed by a white shirt with a black and orange stripes in both arms, a white shorts with orange stripes each side and drak grey socks.[2]