KBRN Dracul 1

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Dracul 1 News
Branding KBRN Dracul (general)
Dracul 1 News (newscasts)
Owner Stephen Luke Investments, LLC
Headquarters Bran District, Commonwealth of Dracul
First air date 12 April 2018; 4 years ago (2018-04-12)
Format Online
Type Television, Newspaper
Language(s) English
Published on YouTube, Wordpress
Distribution International
Employed 2
Editor-in-chief Vlad Tchaikovsky
Contributors Bruce Cooper
Stephen Luke (part time)

KBRN (Dracul 1) is a television station in Bran District, Dracul, affiliated with DRB. It is owned by Luke Investments, LLC. The company focuses on the current events of the nation, which include elections, new legislation, interviews, conflicts, and weather. KBRN typically broadcasts on YouTube on Sundays and Wednesdays every week, but publishes online articles almost four times a week. Currently, the company is partially government-funded, but holds both government and civilian workers.


Broadcasts are typically held on the KBRN Dracul 1 YouTube channel, which are posted both pre-recorded and at times live. The broadcasts typically take place on Sunday and Wednesday, which also include advertisements and weather reports for the day of publication.

Weather Reports

While KBRN is the main company which broadcasts current events, Dracul Weather Channel is a subsidiary of KBRN, which broadcasts the weather for the week. Typically weather reports will start KBRN's broadcasts, but at times will be skipped, especially if breaking news is being reported.

Digital Newspaper

Because of the small staff that KBRN employs, going live on set is not always an option. KBRN publishes more online articles than video publications per year. Articles cover all discussions, such as emergencies, elections, presidential action, and micronational events.