KBRN Dracul 1

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Dracul 1 (KBRN)
Commonwealth of Dracul
CityBran District
BrandingDracul 1
Language(s)English (US)
NetworkDracul Regional Broadcast
AffiliationsDracul 1 Newspaper
Dracul Weather Channel
OwnerLuke Investments, LLC.
(Dracul Regional Broadcast, Inc.)
Founded12 April 2018; 6 years ago (2018-04-12)
Former names
Dracul 1 National Television
Call sign meaning
Bran District
Technical information

KBRN (Dracul 1) is a television station in Bran District, Dracul, affiliated with DRB. It is owned by Luke Investments, LLC. The company focuses on the current events of the nation, which include elections, new legislation, interviews, conflicts, and weather. KBRN typically broadcasts on YouTube on Sundays and Wednesdays every week, but publishes online articles almost four times a week. Currently, the company is partially government-funded, but holds both government and civilian workers.


While Dracul was still in its infancy period, announcing current events to citizens was difficult, given that news companies did not exist. Vice President Stephen Luke at the time came up with the idea of creating Dracul 1 National News, which would provide current event reports on a weekly basis. The company began broadcasting in 2018 on YouTube, where it's still hosted today.


Broadcasts are typically held on the KBRN Dracul 1 YouTube channel, which are posted both pre-recorded and at times live. The broadcasts typically take place on Sunday and Wednesday, which also include advertisements and weather reports for the day of publication.


Those who watch Dracul 1 are typically Dracul citizens, as well as other members of the micronational community, looking to stay up-to-date on current events. In 2022, Dracul 1 YouTube (the main location of broadcasting) reached over 1,000 views, making it more successful than any previous year. The increase in views is mostly contributed to the Dracul Monthly Updates segment.


Dracul Monthly Updates

Dracul Monthly Updates is a monthly segment, hosted by Stephen Luke, which provides updates of what's happening throughout the month. The segment is typically 10-20 minutes in length, and in recent months, has replaced the weekly news broadcastings for Dracul 1 News.

Dracul Weather

Weather reports are typically released for the Dracul region (Houston) twice a week. In the segment, other micronation weather is also referenced for those watching from those nations. Other information, such as sunrise/sunset, and the monthly almanac are also mentioned.

(Typical TV broadcast intro for KBRN)


Digital Newspaper

While the company does reference television in its name, KBRN actually publishes more online articles than video publications per year. This is mostly due to faster publications through text than preparing a digital broadcast and script. Articles cover all discussions, such as emergencies, elections, presidential action, and micronational events.