Jungle Island

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Autonivisonary Authoration Averter of Jungle Island
Jungle Island
កោះព្រៃ (Khmer)
Flag of Jungle Island
Coat of arms of Jungle Island
Coat of arms
Motto: "Todos os modulares, loita!"
"All modulars, fight!"
Anthem: "National anthem"
Ll'lokjori, Jungle Island
Ll'lokjori, Jungle Island
Jungle Island in 2023, before New Taiwan was defunct.
Mapchart image of Jungle Island, remembering between Taiwan
StatusCancelled/turned into Mini States
Largest SettlementLl'lacka
Official languagesTaiwanese, Galician (in motto), Khmer
Recognised national languagesTaiwanese, Danish (hypothetical)
Recognised regional languagesFalklandian (Falkland Islands), Spanish (Galapagos), Unknown (Hawaii)
Ethnic groups
  • 90% New Taiwans
  • 10% Other
Demonym(s)New Taiwanse
GovernmentSocialist Federation Republic
• President
• Vice President
• Unknown
Pariliment's Day
Unpariliment's day
• Island empire
May 29, 2023
• Constitution ratified
June 4, 2023
June 6, 2023
• Total
227,000 km2 (88,000 sq mi)Unknown
• 28,901 estimate
• 21,967 census
CurrencyUnknown, or USD
Time zoneUTC-2
• Summer (DST)
Date formatdd/yyyy/mm
Driving sideright
Calling code+220
Internet TLD.ex

The Jungle Island, more commonly known as New Taiwan, is a micronation empire in the world and the severest HDI in the world. The pouplation is 20,901, kilometer is 227,000 and calling code is +220. In 2023, New Taiwan lost a transmission and secured a empire which transmits faster. In November 2022, New Taiwan was formed in brief politics, and the largest micronation in Southeast asia. In May 6, 2023, New taiwan lost funds on the time 6:47, and made pay bailed. In June 5, 2023, New Taiwan was bailed, imploded economy, and lost of low morale. In June 6, New Taiwan was bailed, forming the new Jungle Island. The politics is Jungle island is Goverment, Island Empire, and socialism. The government of Jungle Island had a huge government headquarters located in Falkland Islands. Their government base is located in Iligan City, Philippines.


Jungle Island is a reference to the movies that has "Jungle Island'.[1]


Jungle Island declared independence on New Taiwan, and forming a new empire. This empire has 12 stars and 1 circle. The main state is Falkland islands. There is no website at all.

Politics and government


Jungle Island HoS

On June 2nd, 2023, a train crash in Odisha located in India, killing 288 people. Jungle Island's Head of state was formed, also it was very strong than Melite.

Head Governemce state

Negative relationships has been founded, for the last time. Jungle Island's goverment was severe.

Consturction and Legislature

19 street K-L27

The 19 Street K-L27 was a hypothetical 493 feet tower located in Falkland Islands, the floors was 40. It was chemicaled in 2023, all radation tanks has used in the floor 23. This tower costs 39,000,000 dollars to build, but it was built with Steel, Iron, Gold Storage, Chemicals, and stairs. It was planned in May 13, 2023.

Political parties

None of Jungle island has political properties.

Void's Policy Jungle Island None Quantium Shift Socialist Pardon Day? Unknown Quantium Cabinet
Void's Policy JEI Calculation in progress Calculation in progress Calculation in progress
1 / 3
2 / 10
3 / 5

Law and order

Jungle Island has a law: No crowd of the Jungle Island become the Capitalist. No war with Molossia.


Dosen't have weapons. Military was a former thing by Jungle Island.



Ministry of Jungle Island


Foreign relations

As a non self-governing territory under the administering power of the New Taiwan, Jungle Island does not have a seat in international organizations like the United Nations nor does the government have the power to enter into treaty agreements with other countries.

Jungle Island has 2 relations, execpt Austenasia and Melite.

Unilateral recognition

Mutual recognition

Recognition refused

Formerly recognized


Date Name Remarks
7 June Federative Storm's Day In 7 June, New Taiwan formed a event on 2022, but it was used by Jungle Island.

See also

New Taiwan, former micronation that pay bailed. See on paragraph.


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