June 2021 Caudonian by-election

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June 2021 Caudonian by-election
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1 seat in the House of Assembly
  First party Second party Third party
  Caudonian Liberal Party logo.png New Albion SDP logo.png Nfflag.png
Candidate Archibald Sinclair Peter Seelig James Findlater
Party Liberal Social Democratic National Front
Seats won 1 0 0
Seat change 1 1 Steady
Popular vote 15 (1st choice)
18 (2nd choice)
14 (1st choice)
14 (2nd choice)
3 (1st choice)
0 (2nd choice)
Percentage 46.8% (1st choice)
56.2% (2nd choice)
43.7% (1st choice)
43.7% (2nd choice)
9.3% (1st choice)

The June 2021 Caudonian by-election was held on 5 June 2021 in order to fill a seat left vacant by the Social Democratic Party. The vacant seat was taken from the Social Democratic Party by the Liberal Party.


Do you approve of the proposed amendment to the Constitution regarding administrative divisions?
5 June 2021
Votes %
Yes Yes 28 87.5%
No No 4 12.5%
Total votes 32 100%
Turnout 40.0%

The by-election also saw a referendum take place on the proposed Seventh Amendment to the Constitution, which, if approved, would change the chapter regarding administrative divisions.

As with many of the other amendments to the Constitution, the Seventh Amendment passed overwhelmingly, with 87.5% of those casting a ballot voting in favour.

Opinion polls

The CBC conducted the only opinion poll in the run up to the June 2021 by-election.

Online/Citizens Abroad

Pollster Release date Sample Size SDP* NF NOTA Undecided Lead
CBC 25-05-2021 24 58.3% 25.0% 16.6% 0% 33.3%