July 2021 Caudonian by-election

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July 2021 Caudonian by-election
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1 seat in the House of Assembly
  Second party
  Abstention.png New Albion SDP logo.png
Candidate None of the Above Emma Marino
Party Social Democratic
Seats won 0 0
Seat change Steady Steady
Popular vote 16 15
Percentage 51.6% 48.3%

The July 2021 Caudonian by-election was held on 25 July 2021 in order to fill a seat left vacant by the Liberal Party. The Social Democratic Party were the only party to field a candidate, and their candidate lost to the None of the Above vote. Due to the extraordinary nature of the outcome, Prince William I decided it would be best to appoint a non-partisan political outsider to the vacant seat. He appointed Liam Caldwell to fill it.

Opinion polls

The CBC conducted the only opinion poll in the run up to the July 2021 by-election.

Online/Citizens Abroad

Pollster Release date Sample Size NOTA SDP* Lead
CBC 25-07-2021 14 64.2% 35.7% 28.5%