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The Right Honourable
Judy Teng
Prime Minister of Hokoan
Assumed office
7 October 2017
President Wellington Lee
Predecessor Wong Teng Boon
Leader of the National Party of Hokoan
Assumed office
7 October 2017
Predecessor Wong Teng Boon
Minister for Home Affairs
In office
3 February 2014 - 7 October 2017
Prime Minister Wong Teng Boon
Predecessor Position created
Successor Yee Kim Tiu
Member of Parliament
for Pak Oan
Assumed office
11 December 2013
Predecessor Office established
Personal information
Born 13 December 1953 (1953-12-13) (age 67)
Flag of Malaysia.png Sibu, Malaysia
Nationality Flag of Hokoan.png Republic of Hokoan
Ethnicity Malaysian Chinese
Political party National Party of Hokoan
Spouse(s) Geoffrey Teng
Children 2
Nickname(s) The Dragon Lady

Judy Teng Chew Siu-Eng, (Chinese: 丁周秀英; born 13 December 1953) is a Hokoanese stateswoman who is the current Prime Minister of Hokoan and leader of the National Party of Hokoan. She the first woman to have been appointed. Before that, Teng was the Minister for Home Affairs, from 2014 to 2017.

Education, early career and family

Teng was born in Sibu, Malaysia. After obtaining a law degree at the University of Malaya, Teng completed her studies in Singapore and the United Kingdom before returning to Malaysia to work as a lawyer.

Teng's ancestry originates from Fujian, China. The former Hokoanese Prime Minister Wong Teng Boon is her nephew.

Political career

Judy Teng was one of the founders of the Republic of Hokoan, she entered the Fosian House of Representatives and the Cabinet as the Minister for Home Affairs in 2014 and has been active in several committees in the areas of economy and taxation, industry and home affairs.

Minister for Home Affairs (2014-2017)

Teng was appointed Minister for Home Affairs by Wong Teng Boon as part of his Cabinet. As Minister for Home Affairs, she was also a member of the National Security Council. Teng's appointment as Minister for Home Affairs was somewhat unexpected, with Yee Kim Tiu who was supposed to be Minister for Home Affairs according to the plan before the Republic of Hokoan was established. Judy Teng was succeeded by Yee Kim Tiu as Minister of Home Affairs in 2017.

Prime Minister of Fosia (2017 - incumbent)

Teng became Prime Minister of Hokoan on 7 October 2017, succeeded Wong after he resigned as prime minister. The country moved from an undeveloped economy to its greatest affluence in a single generation. Teng's emphasis on rapid economic growth, support for business entrepreneurship, and limitations on internal democracy shaped Hokoan's policies today.

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