John Phelps

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His Highness
John Phelps
Duke of Marshweald, etc. etc. etc.
1st Consul of Eleytheria
Assumed office:
30 May 2010
Emperor: Charles I
Governor General: Anna McPherson
Preceded by: Office Established
Personal information
Age: 16 years
Macronationality: Austrian
Residence: Vienna, Austria
Religion: Catholic

John Phelps is the current Consul of the Empire of Eleytheria. His other important roles include being the Duke of Marshweald and Baronet Phelps.


His Highness the Right Honorable Sir John Wilford Phelps, OOJB, in the Grace of God Duke, Mayor and Sherriff of Marshweald, 1st Baronet Phelps, Baron of Waitings