Anna McPherson

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Her Royal Majesty
Anna I
Queen of Palmyra, etc. etc. etc.
1st Queen of Palmyra
Assumed office:
30 May 2010
Viceroy: Charles I
King Consort: Charles I
Preceded by: Charles I
1st Governess General of Eleytheria
Assumed office:
30 May 2010
Emperor: Charles I
Consul: John Phelps
Preceded by: Office Established
Personal information
Age: 16 years
Macronationality: Austrian
Residence: Vienna, Austria
Religion: Catholic

Anna McPherson (a.k.a. Anna I) is the current titular Queen of Palmyra and Governess General of the Empire of Eleytheria. Since the declaration of independence of the Republic of Palmyra from the Kingdom of the same name, which saw the entire area subjected to democratisation, McPherson holds the title only in pretense.



Her Royal Majesty, The Most Honorable Dame Anna I Mary Catherine McPherson, DOC, GOJB, in the Grace of God Queen of Palmyra, Princess and Consort of Eleytheria, Marchioness of Seahaven, Shirerevess, Countess and Mayoress of Longestowe, Baroness of Johnsplace and Enton, 1st Baroness Lionrampant and 1st Baronetess McPherson



Her Royal Majesty Anna I, Queen of Palmyra and Princess of Eleytheria


Her Royal Majesty Anna I, Queen of Palmyra etc. etc. etc.