James Thomason

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James Thomason is the Grand Chancellor of the United Kingdoms of Greater Monmark, he was Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Monmark when it was established, when Monmark became an Empire, the office of Prime Minister was renamed to Grand Chancellor, and James has served the entire time.

Titles, Styles, Honors


His Excellency the Grand Chancellor, Prince James of Thomason.


H.E. James of Thomason, King of Forestia, Archduke of Villnai, Grand Duke of the Lowlands, Prince of Thomason, Duke of The Springs.


Monmarkian Cross, Knight of the Order of the Crowned Lion of Monmark.

Political Career

James entered the politics of Monmark on its first Independence Day, as the best friend of who would become King, he quickly gained a high ranking position in Monmark's Government as Prime Minister. He quickly made the first laws of Monmark, and became the best military theorist in Monmark. When the King was on vacation during Monmark's first summer, James handled all matters of state as Viceroy. When Monmark transformed to an empire the next year, he was renamed the Grand Chancellor, eventually approving the nations's first constitution. Since then, he has made many contributions to Monmark and has formed the SRP in Monmark, which has become the nation's ruling party.

Political Beliefs

As James is the leader of the SRP (social royalist party), he follows the Party's ideals, which are Semi-Constitutional Monarchism, social democracy, and environmentalism.