Investigation of the Unidentified Jawbone

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The Investigation of the Unidentified Jawbone was (and is) the first fossil dig and investigation in Galacian history by the Science and Technology Department.


Before His Majesty, King Anonymous was even into micronationalism, he was digging around one day in approximately July 2007-08 by a river close to present-day Fort Bailey,(This river will be part of the territory of Galacia once expansion is completed) when he discovered a jawbone in the dirt. He was unsure about the identity of the jawbone, although it was obviously belonging to a carnivore.

To keep the specimen safe from the outside world, King Anonymous set the jawbone in a glass jar and let it sit. For years, the jawbone was inside of the jar, rarely being examined.

Then, on December 22, 2011 (King Anonymous had founded Galacia in September of that year), the King took out the jaw and began an extensive study of what would become the first fossil investigation in Galacian history.

The Investigation

The King set to work in the center of governmental powers, Fort Bailey. There he set out the necessary supplies, and prepared the specimen by carefully wiping down it with alcohol.

Three teeth remained intact on the jaw, a canine, premolar and molar. An estimated four teeth were missing.

After much analysis and research, the King made several guesses on the identity of the jawbone. He finally concluded that it had to belong to either a Red Fox or a common cat.

Whichever it is, the jawbone holds signs of severe damage in the front, next to the canine, possibly to a disease or shattered bone.


Post-investigation is still insuring, and the jawbone is not currently open to the public. However once all analysis is complete, the mandible will be displayed in Fort Bailey.

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