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The India Trilogy, also called the Best Bollywood Movie Ever trilogy (BBMET) is a series of three New Eiffelic[a] romantic action musical comedy adventure films written, directed and created by independent filmmaker Zed. The films parody Indian culture, Bollywood and frequently spoof themes of revenge, "Mary Sue" characters and Indian religion. The series follows a man who visits India in order to explore his Indian heritage, who later falls in love with the "princess of India". After her assassination, he is hunted down by bandits who wish to kill him too, and after surviving he goes on a mass killing spree in order to get revenge. The first two films are Best Bollywood Movie Ever (14 March 2018) and Best Bollywood Movie Ever 2 (30 April 2019), while a third and final film titled India Man! is planned for release in November 2020. There has been criticism that the films are allegedly racist towards Indians, and that it has an hidden anti-Indian sentiment. All films have been developed and distributed by Z&jProductions.



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  1. The first film was made in the Kingdom of New Finland.