Imperium Artharium

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Imperium Artharium is a self declared independent state which is better known as a micronation by external observers. It was founded on the 18th December 2021 by its current and only Emperor, Daniel I.

Imperium Artharium


Coat of Arms

Honourable, Strong and Ambitious!

Artharian claims on Malta.

CapitalGreater Marsascala Sector
Official languagesEnglish and Maltese

GovernmentSemi-Constitutional Monarchy
- EmperorDaniel I
- Vice-EmperorPosition Empty

LegislatureImperial Council of Artharia
Formation18 December 2021
Physical ClaimsGreater Marsascala Sector
Discord Server Population80
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
National SportsChess, Bird Hunting
National AnimalsCat, Dog


The Discord Server ( of Imperium Artharium was once a Discord Server belonging to a geo-political Minecraft server owned by Emperor Daniel I, however, it had shut down due to lack of interest by Emperor Daniel I. Afterwards, it became a Roblox Army server, causing its member count to drop from over 100 to around 80. Afterwards, on the 18th of December, 2021, it became the Micronation we know today, before reforming itself into Imperium Artharium on the 16th of June, 2022.


Imperium Artharium was founded on the 18th of December, 2021, when the BlitzBorders Minecraft Server Discord Communications Server was renamed to 'The Imperial Province of Artharia | Roblox & Minecraft'

The Imperial Provinces of Artharia, as it was later named, was replaced with Imperium Artharium after several reforms on the 16th of June, 2022.

Politics and government


The Emperor of Artharia is the de-facto head of state of Artharia and its respective subject states, although its subject states are ruled by a separate head of state.


The Vice-Emperor is the de-facto second-in-command in Imperium Artharium and may take decisions in the place of the Emperor in his absence.

Imperial Council

The Imperial Council (as of 16 June 2022) consists of 5 persons who take decisions on the future of the Empire.

Law and order

The laws of Imperium Artharium can be found within its constitution. The constitution can only be written and changed by members of the Imperial Council and passed through a majority vote.

Foreign relations

Imperium Artharium is a founding member of the Triumvirate National Alliance and the Micronational Roblox League, a full member of the Union of Peace and an observer state of the Pan-Roman Alliance. Other alliances and organizations that Imperium Artharium is a member of includes the Minecraft Micronationalist Treaty, founded by Imperium Artharium, the BCM Alliance, an alliance of nations within the Baltic, Caspian, Mediterranean, Black, North and Norwegian Seas, and the Mediterranean Cooperation Council. Imperium Artharium also wishes to partner with nations that have ideals which do not make them racist or homophobic.


Imperium Artharium has a military with a total of 8 different military branches. These branches are the Artharian Land Forces, Artharian Imperial Navy, Artharian Air Force, Artharian Cyber Legion, Artharian Discordian Guard, Artharian Minecraftian Guard, Artharian Robloxian Guard and the Artharian Space Force. The Artharian Discordian Guard is mainly used to defend the Discord territories of Imperium Artharium from raiders and rule breakers, whereas the Artharian Minecraftian Guard and Artharian Robloxian Guard were created simply for fun and to use in video games.


Greater Marsascala Sector
The Greater Marsascala Sector is the capital of Imperium Artharium located on the island of Malta and is subdivided into the Urban Region, Zejtun, the Eastern Zejtun Region, the Family Park, the Greater Zonqor Region and the Southern Territories.
Discord Sector
The Discord Sector is the main Discord Server of Imperium Artharium. (
Femboy District (Autonomous District of the Discord Sector)
The Femboy District is an Autonomous District created specifically for Femboys.
Tomboy District (Autonomous District of the Discord Sector)
The Tomboy District is an Autonomous District created specifically for Tomboys.
Roblox Sector
The Roblox Sector is the main Imperium Artharium Roblox group. (!/about)

Puppet States

Ukrainian National Republic
Discord Server invite link:

Western Province of Shanxi
Discord Server invite link:


The Battle of Olaytastan
Before we recognised ourselves as Imperium Artharium, our nation was known as the Imperial Provinces of Artharia. During this time, we came across a land called Olaytastan. We attempted to colonize this land, but we are still fighting to conquer it. The Battle of Olaytastan is a subdivision of Imperium Artharium - Roblox Sector.

Artharian Mushroom Coast Colony
Artharian Mushroom Coast Colony is a colony on the Imperium Artharium Minecraft world. The colony is located at -135 64 -209. The de facto capital of the A.M.C.C. is the A.M.C.C. Headquarters. Artharian Mushroom Coast Colony was founded on the 17th of June, 2022.

Artharian Military Command
The Artharian Military Command, a former micronation / mock-government under the names 'Kingdom of Besklarea' and 'Maltese Empire' became the Artharian Military Command on the 5th of July, 2022. The nation's Discord server invite link is

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