Imperial Shurigawan Rule Assistance Association

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Imperial Shurigawan Rule Assistance Association
LeaderAkuro Takahama
Founded26 October 2014
HeadquartersISRAA HQ, Okinokyo, Shurigawa
Membership  (2014)12
IdeologyShurigawan Nationalism
Shurigawan Fascism
Greater Shurigawan Empire

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The Imperial Shurigawan Rule Assistance Association, is a far right political party in the Imperial State of Shurigawa that states that it espouses the philosophies of fascism,militarism and stateism. It is the largest single party in the House of Representatives with 12 members, governing in with Akuro Takahama , the Leader of the ISRAA, as Prime Minister. The ISRAA was founded in 2014, and its the dominant party in Shurigawa


Social policy

Modernisers in the party have claimed that the association between social imperlialism and the Conservatives (manifest in policies such as tax incentives for married couples, the removal of the link between pensions and earnings, and criticism of public financial support for those who do not work) have played a role in the electoral decline of the party.

Foreign policy

For much of the 21st century, the ISRAA took a broadly stance in relations with the Empire of Sanyo, favouring close ties with Sanyo.


Improving the welfare of Shurigawa's military service personnel is a priority for the ISRAA. One of their main goals is to repair the Military and strengthen the ties between the armed forces and the people. Policies introduced include those to double the operational bonus for troops; to fund higher education for children of those service personnel injured in action; and to properly resource and staff the National Health Insurance to deal optimally with the particular needs of the Armed Forces. Also creating more patriotism in Shurigawa

Health policy

In 2014, the ISRAA first declared support for national healthcare. Since entering office in 2014, they have introduced the Health Care Act, constituting the biggest reformation that the National Health Insurance has ever undertaken. However, there has been much criticism and protest about the 2014 government's actions on the National Health Insurance, focussing on privatisation of services.


The ISRAA was formed by Akuro Takahama It begins promoting Conservatism After 5 days he get inspired on fascism and led the Imperial Rule Assistance Association and turned the organization into a fascist political party. Akuro began to promote fascism