Imperial Palace of the Byzantines

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Imperial Palace
Palatium Imperialis (Latin)
General information
Location1 Imperial Avenue, Deiurbs, Deiurbs, Holy Byzantium Empire
OwnerHoly Byzantine Emperor
Known forResidence of the Imperial Family of the Holy Byzantium Empire

The Imperial Palace (Latin: Palatium Imperialis), was the official residence of the Byzantine Imperial Family since 2017 until the reign of Devin IV when he lived in the former Caherly Province, a province which was part of the Holy Byzantnum Empire from 2017 until 2019 and again from August to January 2022. Devin IV lived in the Residence of the Baron Caherly the official residence of the Holy Byzantine Emperor during Devin's reign. Since 2020, the palace was declared the official residence of the Holy Byzantine Emperor. The family moved in 2022.