Imperial Lolkian Party

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The Imperial Lolkian Party
(Qeelish) An Unvahly Lolkianxa Partiya
(Danish:) Lolkianistisk Rigsparti
PresidentMathias L. Magnussen
HeadquartersGaerstan, Munkkia
NewspaperPulchra NEWS
Membership  (2015)2
IdeologyCivic nationalism, Anti-Imperialism, Totalitarianism, Altruism, Populism, Egalitarianism, Maoism, Syndicalism , Social justice
Official colorsRed, Gold, Black
Party flag

The Imperial Lolkian Party, also known as the A.N.I.B.O.T was a political party in Munkkia, in power under Avya Mathias L. Magnussen I. It is formed out of The National Alliance of Munkkia. The Imperial Lolkian party came into power on the 11th of Janurary 2015. The Imperial Lolkian Parties main ideology is Lolkianism, which is a mixture of Patriotism, Anti-Imperialism, Totalitarianism, Altruism, Populism, Egalitarianism, Maoist Communism and the thoughts of Mathias L. Magnussen.


Lolkianism is a coined term for a set of ideologies proposed and implemented by Mathias L. Magnussen. Lolkianism is described in the book "The Texts, Thoughts And Poems of Mathias L. Magnussen: The Ideology Of The President of Munkkia". Lolkianism is described as a benevolent free dictatorship, or a voluntary worship of the state. It is totalitarian for those who wish to be part of Munkkia, also keeping the opportunity for citizens to leave whenever they wish, although this would result in the loss of citizenship. Lolkianism is purely egalitarian, and Mathias, a self proclaimed feminist, takes the equal roles of genders, sexes and skin colours very seriously. Lolkianism avoids a capitalist based economy, with the state primarily being responsible for the health and information for the people, as well a role model for younger citizens who wish to have future control.